"Clown Skits"
"Ministry skit ideas for all ages"

"I'm going to Heaven!"

How do you know?
A series of skits to point kids to the only way to heaven...Jesus.
Needed: Can of deodorant labeled "heaven scent",
a card made up to look like a lottery ticket,
your name on the church membership list,
ticket on the "Glory Train",
a dinner roll with clowns name on it..

1. Clown comes out spraying deodorant all
over the place saying "I'm going to heaven
because I use "Heaven Scent" deodorant,if I
smell good I get to go to heaven because there
won't be any stinky people in heaven".
Then somebody has to straighten the clown out;
that the only way to get to heaven is Jesus.
2. "I'm going to heaven because I won the
"Heavenly Lottery".No ,Jesus doesn't have a
big fish bowl with balls in it to decide who
goes to heaven, the only way to get there is
trusting Jesus.
3. "I'm going to heaven because
I belong to the church".No you're not ,
the only way is Jesus.
4. "I'm going to heaven because I got my
ticket on the "Glory Train".No you
can't get there that way.
5. Clown comes out singing "When the roll
is called up yonder I'll be there"."I'm
going to heaven cause when my roll
is called up yonder I'm going with it".Explain
that the roll up yonder is like a roll call
in heaven and the roll is the Lambs book of life.


1 Corinthians 13:1-3

Clown enters clanging cymbals.
Teacher:" What are you doing?"
Clown: "I heard you were going to have a cymbal
concert here, so here I am."
Teacher: "We're not having a concert, we're talking about spiritual gifts."
Clown: "I have spiritual gifts!Right here in my pocket!"
(pull paper out of pocket with the gifts written on it)
"This paper says I got all the gifts."
Teacher:" You may have all the gifts but do you have love?"
Clown: "Nope,love ain't on my list."
Teacher: "Well the Bible says,without love we are nothing"
(go on to explain we may have all the gifts
but if we don't have love we are nothing
but a bunch of noise)
Clown:" I gotta go now".
(exits banging cymbals, pan
lids may be substituted for cymbals)



Clown 1: " Hi! Where are you going?"
Clown 2: " I came to say goodbye to everyone! ( wave to audience)
Clown 1: " What do you mean goodbye? Where are you going?"
Clown 2:" The Pastor said to be ready to go to heaven,
so I've got my bags packed!I'm ready to go."
Clown 1: " What's in that bag you got there?"
Clown 2: " I have all kinds of things. I brought these
flowers just in case someone dies!"
Clown 1: "In heaven no one dies, you will live eternally."
Clown 2: "Okay, I'll give them to Jesus, but I
also brought my aspirin just in
case I get a headache."
Clown 1: " There will be no sickness in heaven."
Clown 2: " Well, I brought this padlock just in case
someone tries to break into my mansion.
I don't want anyone stealing all my treasures."
Clown 1: " There will be no thieves in heaven."
Clown 2: " Really? Where will they be then?"
Clown 1: " In hell if they don't repent of their sins.But
if they do repent, they can go to heaven too."
Clown 2: " Well, I'm taking my Bible to heaven, because
I might have to preach the gospel and
get someone saved."
Clown 1: " You have to get saved to go to heaven.
Everyone who is in heaven is already saved.
Jesus is the Word of God.
Clown 2: " I guess I can use all these things down
here on earth. See ya later!"
Clown 1: " Don't you want to know how to get to heaven?"
Clown 2: " I don't think I'm ready." ( walk off stage)

(Explain salvation plan to audience)

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