"More Skits for Fun or Ministry"

"The Compass"

Needed: compass
Clown enters with compass in hand, looks at compass scratches head as if puzzled,points this way and that,goes one way then the other.
Teacher or whoever asks "Are you lost?"
Clown says he is trying to find his way to heaven but his compass isn't working to good.
Then explain that a compass can't show us the way to heaven.The bible says that Jesus is the only way to heaven,we must trust him to guide us .The bible says that Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life and that no one comes to the Father except through Jesus. John 14:6 We often use this skit to lead to an invitation to recieve Christ as savior. After I explain Jesus is the only way to heaven I ask the clown if he would like to recieve Jesus,then ask audience if anyone would like to recieve Jesus when the clown says a prayer to recieve;then have clown repeat a prayer.

"The Chicken Dinner"

Needed: a rubber chicken & a box or bag from Kentucky Fried Chicken or whatever is popular in your area to put the chicken in.

Clown 1 enters with chicken says "I brought something for you".
Clown 2 gets excited "What is it???"
Clown 1 produces chicken box. says"I know how much you like chicken so I got some."
Clown 2 asks "Is it fresh?"
Clown 1 says "Oh yes it's fresh"!
Clown 2 says "Ok,let me have it"
Clown 1 hands box to clown 2,as he opening it clown 1 is laughing and pointing at clown 2 behind his back.
When clown 2 gets box open,he looks surprized, then angry, then notices clown 1 making fun of him. Clown2 says "Hey you,you tricked me".
Chases clown 1 off stage.

A just for fun skit or could illustrate "do to others as we would have them do to us."

"The Candy Store"

Props: 2-3 foot dowel
2 signs: one says "Open",the other says "Candy Store"

Clown 1 "Help me out will you?"
Clown 2 "Ok,what do you need?"
Clown 1 "Hold this stick."(puts stick in clown 2's hand) "Now hold this."(hands clown 2 the Candy store sign;then gives him the open sign to hold)
(Clown 2 looks at signs,then asks clown 1)"Are you the owner of this candy store?"
Clown 1 "Yep that's me"
Clown 2 "Well do you have any jelly beans in your candy store?"
Clown 1 "No"
Clown 2 "How about bubble gum?"
Clown 1 "No bubble gum"
Clown 2 "Any Gummi Bears?"
Clown 2 is upset because clown 1 doesn't have anything that he wants "WELL WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR CANDY STORE?!!?!"
Clown 1(pointing to clown 2 ) "All I have is this one sucker on a stick!"
Clown 2 realizes that clown 1 made a sucker out of him and chases him off stage.


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