I've just published two new ebooks, so far just available at Amazon for Kindle, but soon to be available in paperback.

The first, Ashes of Heaven, is a retelling of the old Celtic "Tristan and Isolde" story, with lots of betrayal, sword fights, and people between the sheets. (Think "Game of Thrones," though maybe not quite as much so.) In in I've tried the difficult trifecta of staying true to the Celtic myths, setting it in something like the real Middle Ages, and avoiding the everyone-dies tragic ending the myths keep on proposing. You'll have to decide for yourself if I've succeeded! Here's the link.

The second book is An Autumn Haunting, the sequel to The Starlight Raven, in my "Yurt the Next Generation" series about Antonia. Antonia is now a third-year student at the wizards' school, and still the only girl there. She hopes things will improve when another young woman finally arrives to start her wizardry studies, but instead male opposition to women students only increases among the faculty, while male interest in an attractive young witch only increases among the students. Here's the link.


Happy reading!

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