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Here are links to the first chapters of three of my books. The first two are available now either as Kindle ebooks from Amazon or in the ePub version from Barnes & Noble, while the third is still available as a new paperback book, as well as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

A Bad Spell in Yurt was my first published novel, and the first in the six-book "Royal Wizard of Yurt" series.

Voima is my own version of what Norse myth would be like if it were being written today. It's definitely grittier than Yurt, but in some ways it's my favorite book. Fans of George Martin and Robert Jordan and similar great fantasy epics should like it--and unlike them, I wrap everything up in one volume!

Is This Apocalypse Necessary? is the sixth and final volume of the "Yurt" series, in which all the different plot lines are wrapped up in a trip through Hell.

Chapter 1 of "Yurt"

Chapter 1 of "Voima"

Chapter 1 of "Apocalypse"

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