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Way back when they were in wizards' school together, Elerius was the best student the teachers had ever seen, but Daimbert barely managed to get out with a diploma. Now, years later, Elerius is Royal Wizard of the West's most powerful kingdom, Daimbert is still at his first post in the tiny kingdom of Yurt, and the old Master of the wizards' school is dying. Elerius, of course, intends to succeed him. If his plans work out, he'll not just be in control of institutionalized wizardry, but also of all western kingdoms, cities, farms, even the church. Once messy individual initiative is eliminated, everything will work perfectly. Daimbert may be the only person who can make the world safe for mediocrity. To find a way to challenge the best wizard of his--or any--generation, he will have to journey to the exotic East, to the Land of Dragons, and even through Hell....

For all those waiting eagerly to see what Daimbert does next, how Elerius carries out his plots, what trouble Antonia will get into as she gets older, and whether King Paul ever gets married, answers are coming! You can now buy "Is This Apocalypse Necessary?" the boffo climax of the Royal Wizard of Yurt series. (For those who hate to say goodbye to Yurt, never fear, there's a good possibility of "Yurt, the Next Generation.") And thanks to all the fans who've written to remind me that they are waiting patiently!


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The book appears from a new publisher for me, the Wooster Book Company. It is a large-format ("trade") paperback and costs $14.95 ($22.50 in Canada). If you have trouble getting a copy, I have copies for sale (autographed!). Email me for ordering info.

For anyone reading this page who has already read and enjoyed the book, let me know! I have started a page of fan feedback (see below).


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