Why buy from St. Marys Hobby?..........because St. Marys Hobby is one of the nations older, well established hobby businesses, providing honest, valued service and products for over a quarter century.  Tens of thousands of customers have already chosen St. Marys Hobby and their repeat business tells the story.

Is it safe to order through internet?..........because St. Marys Hobby is not just another "cyber-shop", but actually a 30,000 square foot hobby shop(yes, a real hobby shop!), you have many methods of ordering and paying available to you:

  1. You can e-mail your order to us giving Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Novus card #, name, address, and telephone #.
  2. You can e-mail your order and have us notify you by telephone or e-mail as to when it is ready and how to ship/ pay. We do accept personal checks and will also send COD.
  3. You can telephone 419-394-5909 and actually talk to a real person! ask for Larry. If he is in, he will probably be most help. We can arrange almost any acceptable method of payment.