Rob Albert is a putz
"THE DUTCHMAN" is when you have both Bowers (Jack, Jack) and Ace of trump.
"BOTH HOOKS" is when you have both Jacks of one color. A jack does look like a hook eh?
"BOTH BOYS" is the same as above.
"SKUNK" is when you beat your opponent by a score of 10-0.
"NO BRAINER" is used to describe a hand that you can play and get your point without using your brain! It's usually a hand that includes Both Hooks and three other trump or Both Hooks and the Ace with two other Aces or the Ace-King of another suit. You get the picture.
"THE KITTY" is the four cards which remains laying face down after the deal. These cards are not played with.
"GUARDED" is a term usually used to describe having the LEFT and another card of suit so that if the RIGHT is led you can throw the other trump you have to make your LEFT good or usable.
"LEFT BARE" is used to describe the opposite of having it GUARDED. This means that all you have is one trump and as soon as trump is led, you loose your chance of using it to take a trick.
"PASSING DIRTY" is when your opponent turns up a card and you have a good hand of that suit, or at least several trump and you pass hoping that he will pick it up so that you can "Euchre" him.
"BAG" is the same as passing dirty.
"BAGGER" is what YOU are when you BAG!
"RENEGE" (ri nig' -neg') is playing a card out of suit when holding any of the suit that was called for or led.
"LOSE YOUR DEAL" you lose your deal when everybody passes twice and you fail to call trump and the cards are passed on to the next player to deal.
"MARCH" is taking all five tricks. Hey, NICE MARCH!
"KAMIKAZE" (kä' mi kä' ze) this is the famous "Bob King" loaner. Most of the time this is what the person who is going alone yells while knowing that he doesn't have a chance in hell to make it! Sort of like a "do or die" type situation. Practice with extreme caution. Of course when it does work, it's BEAUTIFUL!
"IN THE BARN" is when you have a score of 9 points.
"TWO SUITED" is obviously when you only have two different suits in your hand.
"SHOOT IT" when someone orders up trump, or picks up a card and declares "I'll shoot it", they mean that they are going alone.
"STAY HOME" is what you tell your partner when you are going to try to go alone.
"HOLMES COUNTY" is definitely a geographical term. It is probably ONLY used in a tiny part of Northeast Ohio. Holmes County is a county in Ohio which is mostly Amish. You have been "HOLMES COUNTIED" when getting Euchred while going alone. It can be used in situations to let your partner know that he/she needs to pray for you so that you don't embarrass yourself. Example #1 If you call it on only ONE or TWO trump and the opposition doesn't lead to your off Ace/Aces and you have to lay off of the first trick to avoid leading yourself out of trump or, Example #2 If you call it on only ONE or TWO trump and the opposition doesn't lead to your off Ace/Aces for the SECOND TIME IN A ROW, then you may tell your partner "Hummm, could be a "HOLMES COUNTY" here! Your partner should start to pray for you immediately! Most opposing teams don't mind this kind of table talk. <G>
"FARMER" is one of the origional terms used for the bowers or jacks.
"FARMERS HAND" is when you have a three 9's or three 10's in your hand. Some players play that who ever yells "farmers hand" first, can exchange his hand for the cards in the kitty.
"REVOKE" is the same as "RENEGE"
"SEND A BOY" means that you have a chance to use trump so you throw a 9 or a 10, only to be "overtrumped" by the leaders partner with a higher trump. For example, if the person to your right leads a card and you throw a 9 of trump on it, and his partner over trumps it with an Ace, he would gladly proclaim "Don't send a boy"!
"JUMP THE RIVER" is when you call trump of the opposite color of what was turned up on the deal.
"SET" is when the opposing team Euchres you. You have been SET = You have been Euchred.
"TABLE TALK" is when in your conversation you let your partner know ANYTHING about the cards in your hand. This is a definite NO NO. Another term used for table talk is "Kibitzing" however I believe that it's "normal" usage is used to describe an "Onlooker", especially one who talks or gives advice about the game he/she is watching.
"SHAKE THE BUSH" means to lead trump. Sometimes, actually a lot of times your opponent will have the Ace of what you have called trump, or the Left Bare. If you lead the Right, or if your partner does, then you will pull or draw out the trump from your opponents hand. If you choose to lead your off-suit, then the chances of your opponent getting to use that one trump that they have is significantly greater. You should "SHAKE THE BUSH" to see what flies out! You just may be happily surprised!