Bowling League - Team Recap Sheet (examples)

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Show how handicaps should be used in bowling leagues: (How to fill out "Bowling League Record")

League Using "Team Handicap Method"
                        (90% of Team Average Difference from 700 Basis):
Team #11       Funsters
Team #8          Game Makers
Each league should also determine how many points would be awarded for wins.  (Win-Loss totals)
Some leagues set equal points for games and series, others may set different values for games or series.
Examples:   (A.) 4 point system: 1 for each game and series,            Funsters 1-3   &  Game Makers 3-1 
(B.) 7 point system: 2 for each game, 1 for the series,   Funsters 2-5   &  Game Makers 5-2

League Using "Individual Handicap Method"
                        (90% of Individual Average Difference from 175 Basis),

            NOTE - any decimal portion should be disregarded.
Add the Individual Handicaps to Determine the Team Handicap:

Team #11       Funsters
Team #8          Game Makers
The league records for each  individual would also have indicated their own handicapped scores.
Example:   Lucy L's records for scratch 206, would also show her handicapped total of (206+1)=207.
                  Her scratch series 571, would also have a handicapped total of (571 +3x1)=574.

You can download a  Recap Sheet PDF  (2-pages) for this file.