Sample Handicap Tables:               See Additional Information at Main Bowling File

Handicap Table PDF    (for 200 Positions)   Use   "BASIS & PERCENTAGE"  for proper scoring.
(Handicap Percentage)   Many years ago, ABC and WIBC analyzed statistics for a four-year period,
the impact of percentage on the team points accumulated towards winning the league championship.
Their research was published in a small blue pamphlet   "The Facts About League Handicaps."
The study included numerous leagues sanctioned at that time - - men's, women's and mixed formats.
The results showed that, even at 100%, the higher average teams or bowlers have a decided edge.
A handicap of 116% was found to be needed to even out the competition to a 50-50 probability.

Championship Won by
Team with Average Below
Median in the League
Championship Won by
Team with Average Above
Median in the League
  0 out of 100
100 out of 100
  0 out of 100 100 out of 100
  0 out of 100 100 out of 100
  6 out of 100   94 out of 100
11 out of 100   89 out of 100
24 out of 100   76 out of 100
30 out of 100   70 out of 100
1.)  Handicap table from this website contains all of the handicap values  80-85-90-95-100 Percentages.
You may print the Handicap Table and add the Selected League Basis later.
                          Download PDF for  Bowling-Handicap-Table   - - -  200 Positions
2.)  You can also go to another website to create an Individual Handicap Table PDF that has 300 values,
for one selected Percentage and Basis that a league has determined to use.  It includes an
option to calculate negative handicaps, if any person's average is higher than the basis selected.
Find calculator at:  (link 6-29-2014)
3.)  USBC Handicap Tables - - 300 Positions - - - Single Percentage as Adopted by League
USBC Handicaps 300 values, for (Single or 3-Games)  in  (PDF or  EXCEL formats)
PDF for   Single Game 95 Percent              PDF for   Single Game 80 Percent
PDF for   Single Game 90 Percent              PDF for   Single Game 75 Percent
             PDF for   Single Game 85 Percent              PDF for   Single Game 70 Percent
NOTE: Leagues using 3-game series handicap, would be better involved using Single Game Handicap.
The handicap tool that should help keep all teams involved .... is not being fully utilized.