Indirect Scientific Evidence Of God?

A number of years ago, astronomers decided that there wasn't nearly enough mass in the universe to account for the actions of the various objects that they observed. The motions of the distant stars and galaxies indicated that there was a very large amount of matter that they just couldn't see, even with the best telescopes. As it turned out, astronomers had to admit that they can only account for about one-tenth of the total matter of the universe!

So, they started theorizing. They thought of brown dwarf stars; burnt-out husks of stars that are so old and dead that they don't radiate anything, let alone light. That's why we can't see them. The downside of this theory is that it would take a LOT of brown dwarf stars to make up the missing matter, and, given the age of the universe, it's unlikely there's that many.

Another theory is that galaxies are surrounded by a "debris field"; bits of planets, maybe, or an asteroid belt, intermixed with dust and gas. If every galaxy we can see were surrounded by this field, it might make up the difference.

And so we come to God, whatever your particular God may be called. Most of us have some idea of God, no matter what you call your philosophy. We also have some idea of the Bible, whatever your particular Bible may be called.

I must interject here to admit that I am NOT a "religious nut", or a "Born Again Christian". I'm not what most Christians would call a Christian at all. I believe in treating people like I want to be treated; my philosophy is "if it harms no-one, do what you want". This article is the result of a weird idea that came to me one day.

So, according to religions, we have this "presence" everywhere around us. For as long as there have been people to wonder, those people have believed in one or more gods. In one form or another, ALL civilizations that have ever been have recognized Gods, usually in terms of the forces of Nature. Our present concept of the Christian God is a comparatively recent development.

Could this "missing mass" that the astronomers are excited about be just a hint of God? The Bible (whatever your particular Bible may be called) says that He is all-seeing, and all-knowing. He is everywhere; He has always been, and He will always be, and that none may look upon the face of God.

That certainly fits the description of the "missing mass". Astronomers say that it is fairly evenly distributed; could it be all around us? They can't see it in any direction, and yet they KNOW it's there.

What is the nature of this "missing mass"? Do we know already?


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