1545 - Spanish bring cannabis cultivation to Peru.

1563 - Queen Elizabeth I decrees that land owners with 60 acres or more must grow cannabis or face a UKP5 fine.

1564 - King Philip of Spain orders cannabis to be grown throughout his empire from modern day Argentina to Oregon.

1500 - 1600 - Dutch achieve Golden Age through hemp commerce.

1500 - 1600 - Explorers find 'wild hempe' in North America.

1606 - British take cannabis to Canada to be cultivated mainly for maritime uses.

1611 - British start cultivating cannabis in Virginia.

1619 - Virginia colony makes cannabis cultivation mandatory, followed by most other colonies. Europe pays hemp bounties.

1621 - 'The Anatomy of Melancholy' is published. It recommends hemp for depression.

1631 - Cannabis used for bartering throughout American colonies.

1632 - Pilgrims bring cultivation to New England, they learnt about the cultivation of hemp from the Native American People.

1637 - Hartford, Connecticut. The General Court ordered all families to plant one teaspoon of hemp seed.

1639 - The Massachusetts courts follow those of Hartford.

1753 - Cannabis sativa classified by Linneaus

1763 - 67 You could be jailed in Virginia for not growing hemp due to a shortage. (Herndon, G.M., 'Hemp in Colonial Virginia', 1963; 'The Chesapeake Colonies', 1954; L.A.Times, Aug 12, 1981; et al)

1764 - 'The New English Dispensary' suggested applying hemp roots to the skin for inflammation.

1776 - Decleration of Independence drafted on hemp paper.

1783 - Cannabis indica classified by Lamarck.

1791 - President Washington sets duties on cannabis to encourage domestic industry. Jefferson calls cannabis 'a necessity' and urges farmers to grow cannabis instead of tobacco.

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