Pot is Big Business, and Can Only Get Bigger

In all the drug war debate, no one seems to be mentioning that marijuana is BIG business in America--in some states, it's the number one cash crop. No one mentions that as many as 15 million Americans (140 million worldwide) smoke it. Most marijuana users are not "drug addicts" but responsible citizens who work in the legal economy, pay taxes and care for their families. In other words, they're a lot like your neighbors.

In addition to its recreational uses, the marijuana plant can be used in almost every area of industry, and do so with less expense than what it replaces. For instance, one acre of hemp (as non-psychoactive marijuana is referred to) can replace 4 acres of timber for paper production. That paper will be cheaper to produce, and be easier on the environment because less bleaching will be required.

Legalized and regulated marijuana could mean upwards of $30 Billion in tax revenues from users and licencing fees from growers and distributors, just from recreational use ALONE! This tax windfall would be a godsend to our state's budget; it could mean the end of state budget cuts for a long time.

As a taxpayer and a voter, I specifically request that the federal laws against marijuana be re-evaluated. There is just no rational reason for marijuana prohibition, and many billions of reasons to legalize it.


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