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A History of The United States Of America, and its Fight for Freedom
It took hard work, dedication, and sacrifice!
Freedom Field is a planned 30-acre Educational Park and Entertainment Facility dedicated to the universal symbol representing freedom and liberty throughout the world; the Flag of the United States of America.  As a family oriented historical and educational facility, Freedom Field will teach and instill the traditional meanings of Patriotism, Dignity, Honor and Respect, with particular attention being paid to American Values, Achievers and Heroes, and especially those who have served their country.


Our mission is to cultivate in the largest possible number of our young citizens an appreciation of both the responsibilities and the benefits which come to them because they are Americans.....and are free.



The America We Seek To Honor

A Prayer For America

Charlton Heston Speech

John Moon, Past Commander-in-Chief, VFW



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Let Freedom Ring - Donations and Mission Statement

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September 11, 2001 - America Attacked Once Again


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Flags of Freedom Monument: More than 300' across, this centerpiece of Freedom Field will feature a 30' x 50' United States Flag flying more than 120' above the ground, anchored in a 15' high, five-sided granite base. This base, including 5 pools forming the shape of a star, is encircled by three rings of Freedom Walk displaying all state and colonial flags and their history.  Click here to see a beautiful flag and nearly ground level shot (may take a minute to load).


Freedom Field: See Freedom Field from 1000' above. After viewing the other links below you will be able to pick out each part of the Park and Museum. There are also many parts you will be able to see not discussed here.


Republic Hall: a colonial styled building containing a wide array of flags, presidential and historic documents, memorabilia, history and evolution of the American Flag.


Old Glory Garden: a beautiful floral arrangement of colored flowers displaying the American Flag in all its (natural) glory.


Freedom Walk: An eight-foot wide sidewalk winding throughout the park paved with bricks imprinted with the names of each person, family, organization, company and corporation making specific contributions to Freedom Field. The walk will be mapped into sections so that contributors can easily locate their brick.


Patriot Field: A parade ground bounded by a walk and flanked with flags representing many of the previous flags that have flown over the United States previous to Old Glory.


Field of Honor: A salute to American Veterans, over one-hundred granite memorial markers, each bearing the names of major battles fought by Americans in the cause of Freedom, the number of men and women that lost their lives, the significance of the battle and where it was fought. You will see memorials commemorating Iwo Jima, Gettysburg, Bunker Hill, Battle of the Bulge and many others.


Statue of Liberty: Symbolizing freedom, liberty and justice for all, this 85' high replica of the Statue of Liberty sits on an island in the center of Liberty Pond. She will make an ideal background for 4th of July celebrations and other summer events and the pond will be idea for many winter activities.


Donation And Brick Order Form


Flag Etiquette: Learn the proper care and respect for the Flag of the United States of America.


The American Soldier  What do they look like?


Mrs. Patriotic:  My sister in Detroit, Michigan!


Flag Timeline  1776 to Today.


Foundation Donors  A list of Foundation Donors.


U. S. A.

Freedom Field is endorsed by or has received letters of recognition from the National Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, Amvets, DAV, Eagles, Elks, Stark County Veterans Social Services Alliance and others.  If you are a member of any of these organizations, please ask your leaders for additional information or contact the Foundation by email or at the US Mail address above (See Field of Honor).

Now is the time to preserve the History, the Freedom and the Honor of our nation for future generations to enjoy. You can make a difference in preserving our history by supporting Freedom Field (see Freedom Walk above).


You can reach us by e-mail at: freedom@bright.net

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