Flag Etiquette: Respect for the Flag of the United States of America Offers easily accessible, comprehensive, high-quality information for raising children.


Baudo's Vet Links: An array of Veteran Services information.


VFW Post 10215 - Uijongbu, Korea: Links to Military Services & Veterans overseas.


Flags Of Native American Peoples of the USA: Very Interesting - A Must See.


Military Network.


World War II Memorial.: Remembering those who served.


Veteran, Retiree & Reunion:  Great Images – Link to Lee Teeter’s  Vietnam Wall painting “Reflections”


North American Vexillogical Association:  NAVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the scholarly study of flags.

New England Vexillogical Association:  NEVA is dedicated to the scholarly pursuit of Flag Research.

Dave Martucci's Flag Pages: Links for Vexillology and Flag History.


World Flags 101:  A flag guide about the flags of the world including what a flag is, which flags are the most popular, as well as the significance of all the different flags of the world.



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