Karekh-class Exploration Ship


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LOA: 35 m
OAB: 27.4 m
HOA: 7 m
Crew: 5
Passengers: 4
Speed, maxim: Warp 7
Speed, emerg: Warp 9
Date of Production: 2273-2285

The Karekh is an exploration ship of Vulcan design and production. Built with Vulcan crews in mind, it carries no weaponry. Its good speed and adequate shielding are thought sufficient to protect it against hostile intent, but the ships under Starfleet Command are limited to "safe" areas of the Federation Treaty Exploration Zone away from borders with other star nations.

The Karekhs in Starfleet and civilian service have investigated many stellar phenomena, and conducted several successful first contact operations, to the satisfaction of its Vulcan builders.
Nationality Use Function Type
Federation (Vulcan manufacture) Survey Auxiliary *****

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