Long-Range Shuttle


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LOA: 49.7 m
OAB: 26.7 m
HOA: 12.9 m
Speed, maxim:wf 3.5
Speed, emerg:wf 4
Crew: 4
Capacity: 14
Date of Production: 2269

Chiokis Starship Construction Corporation of Vulcan achieved a breakthrough in 2267 with a set of small-scale warp coils capable of sustaing a warp factor greater than 3. Seeking to exploit this technology, they incorporated these coils with impulse power engines into a pair of nacelles and used these as a warp carrier for an enlarged version of their Standard Shuttle.

The hope was that this large shuttle could act as a small starship; handling such duties as diplomatic missions, personell transfers and emergency deliveries. Unfortunately, diplomats preferred to take a larger vessel, what they called "showing the flag" (what the more cynical called "carrying a big stick"). The shuttle also lacked the speed for emergency relief missions. A starship would often be called to meet the shuttle enroute and transfer the needed supplies.

Nationality Use Function Type
Federation Starfleet Auxiliary Shuttle
Government Transport Shuttle
Civilian Transport Shuttle

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