Intelligent Species

1. Confirmed Federation Members - My level for confirmation accepts species whose members are in Starfleet or Federation government unless, as in the case of Worf, Ro Lauren, and Nog, we are specifically told their home planets are not members. For those with stricter standards, I've listed my level of confirming evidence, you can decide for yourselves. There are other confirmed members, see the background aliens in TOS:"Journey to Babel", ST:TMP Rec Deck and San Francisco scenes, and ST:TVH Federation HQ scenes.

Following the list of confirmed members is a list of Applicants to the Federation whose status has not yet been decided.

Following that are two appendices. Alien names made up by the makeup and costume departments for ST:TMP and ST:TVH. As they might be considered "noncanonical", I've only included three in the main list, the Arkenites, Efrosians, and Rhaandarites, as they had speaking roles.

See also the list of species from the Animated Series.

2. Undecided - Some of these entries are filed here merely until I review the relevant episode for confirming evidence. Others truly have no firm statement one way or the other.

3. Non-Members - Additional information for these species will include the location of their home planet if it is not near Federation Space, and the tech level of their native culture. To avoid confusing the layman with the Richer scale of culture, the level of advancement will be put into seven wide categories:


Federation Members


Three unnamed Federation delegations: tall dark-skinned, short gold-skinned and the purple-skinned woman in the background.
The Enterprise was tasked with transporting to Babel 114 delegates, 32 of them ambassadors and - according to one informal estimate, half of them mad at the other half.

Named species below.

Often with blue skin, have small, knobby antenae coming from the top of their heads.
Federation Member.
TOS:"Journey to Babel"
Know cellular regeneration, taught that technique to Garth of Izar.
Federation Member (or so it says in the Encyclopedia).
TOS:"Whom Gods Destroy"
Pronounced eyebrow ridges and bumps on forehead.
One was a member of a fact-finding mission to DS9.
DS9:"The Forsaken"
Federation Member.
TOS:"The Cloudminders"
Have a bulbous head that comes to a point in the back, and pointy ears. Must wear a headpiece that provides a sense of balance when away from their native planet.
Starfleet officer
(name from makeup department)
*Benzites (sometimes Benzenites)
Blue/gray skins, have a large fleshy pad under their flat noses with several protuberances. Bald with skin folds on the side of the head and ears set high on the sides of the head. Need to breathe an additional gas in a Class-M atmosphere.
Several in Starfleet, but one in an officer exchange program - may only have recently joined?
TNG:"Coming of Age", TNG:"A Matter of Honor", DS9:"The Ship"
Have dark irises or large pupils. Empathic and limitedly telepathic. Starfleet Officer, member of a fact-finding mission to DS9, thought of as a core world of the Federation, from which the Dominion could attack Vulcan, Andor, Tellar, and Alpha Centauri, among others.
TNG, DS9:"The Forsaken", DS9:"In the Pale Moonlight"
Bald, blue skinned and have a ridge of skin bisecting the face.
Starfleet officers
TNG:"Conspiracy", DS9:"Emissary"
Small, pink, bald beings; they have interfaced their minds with computers. From the planet Bynaus in the Beta Magellan system.
At least three species are sapient. Atlantic and Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus and Tursiops truncatus gilli) and Takaya's whale (Orcinus orca takayai) consult with Starfleet on theoretical topics in navigation.
ST:TNG Technical Manual
The sapience of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) is uncertain, but an interstellar probe seemed interested in their welfare. They had been extinct, but a pair was transplanted from the 20th century.
Admitted to Federation in the 2260's.
TOS:"Journey to Babel", TNG:"Sarek"
*Corvan[ites] (Corvallan? Corvallen?)
Planet with industrial pollution in the atmosphere.
Stated to be a Federation member in the Encyclopedia. The episode merely mentions the relocation project for the endangered species, the Corvan gilvos (a project difficult on an industrialized world without Contact, but possible for a non-member world that applied for help).
The two alternate spellings above have been used to refer to traders and a freighter, respectively. Possibly variants of the planet name.
TNG:"New Ground" (Corvallan traders from TNG:"Inheritance" and TNG:"Firstborn", Corvallen freighter from TNG:"Face of the Enemy".)
From the planet Delb II.
Admiral Satie's aide was from this planet.
TNG:"The Drumhead"
A characteristically bald, sexually empathic race.
Starfleet officer
Starfleet officer, Federation President
(name from makeup department)
With a large triangular hump on the forehead extending to the bridge of the nose, they are remarkably humanoid despite being adapted to a gravity so low that they can actually fly on their homeworld.
Bifurcated forehead, possible horn developement. Evolved from herbivorous herd animals, and abhor violence and confrontation.
*Haliians (also Hahliians)

Starfleet officer.
TNG:"Aquiel" (Hahliian spelling is from the script)
Only inhabited planet in the region of space containing the Hekaras Corridor, which separates them from the rest of the Federation.
TNG:"Force of Nature"
Relatively flat heads, with protrusions only for nose and ears, and those not far. Busybodies of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, recently entering the Gamma and Delta.
"Officially with the Federation," but sympathized with the Maqui during the troubles with the Cardassians. Prior to the Maqui troubles had once attempted to take over the Federation.
VGR:"The Voyager Conspiracy", TNG:"The Game"
Famed Federation mediator Riva.
TNG:"Loud as a Whisper"
Enterprise bridge officer
(name from costume department)
Porcine features and short fur around the face and at least down the hands.
Federation Member.
TOS:"Journey to Babel"
Dr. Sevrin confined to traveling on technological worlds, had the run of the Federation. Starfleet officers.
TOS:"The Way to Eden", DS9:"The Ship"
Federation negotiators, Starfleet officers.
TNG:"The Host", DS9:"Emissary"
*Vulcans (sometimes Vulcanian)
A Founding Federation Member.
TOS:"Amok Time", "Journey to Babel"
Work in co-operation with Starfleet.
TNG:"Peak Performance", "Unification"
Webbed hands.
In Starfleet Academy
TNG:"Coming of Age"


Appied for membership.
TNG:"The Hunted"
Fishlike features.
Application discussed at Pacifica conference.
Lupine features including erect ears and an extended snout.
Membership being considered.
TNG:"Lonely Among Us"
Nose ridges sometimes extending across the eyebrows.
Membership application approved but entry deferred.
Gray, stringy hair
Applied to Federation under fraud.
TNG:"Encounter at Farpoint"
Extended skull behind the ears. Communicate telepathically (with other telepaths). They communicate by sending images instead of words, they have no spoken language.
Applied for admission into Federation.
TNG:"The Dark Page"
Applied for assosciate membership.
Reptillian, scaled, small, serpentine face with a hood around it.
Membership being considered
TNG:"Lonely Among Us"

Appendix 1. Star Trek:The Motion Picture

Therbians from planet Aaamazzara, large bald heads with gray skin tone. They generate their own clothing (and almost everything they use) from out of their own mouths, like bees making hives.
A militaristic race, they clone each other. They provide the infantry for the Federation.
Tall, (seven feet and over) bald with large, pointed ears. Skin blue to blue-gray. Evolved from leopard-like birds,
Additional brain structure, grows in a kind of structural shell formation on top of forehead.
An advanced society, but which never lost touch with nature. On their home planet most shepherd large herds. Have mental communication with animals. Have been imported into Earth system to take care of animal, fish and bird life.
Air-breathing, but semi-aquatic, four lips, with straining mechanics similar to baleen in mouth of whale. Strain waters of their planet, have intravenous injection of proper nutrients when off-world. Can go week without injection, but unhappy away from own planet. Skin similar to rhino hide. Poetic people, communicate with song-like sounds, musical poems in own language, through four lips.
Saber-toothed turtles, egg-laying yet unisex.
Lizard people with four hearts. Can breathe a number of gasses. (Unknown if they are connected to the Brandy makers)
*Shamin Priest
From O'Ryan's planet. (Unknown if Shamin is race name)
Breathe fluorine gas instead of oxygen, they must wear breathing masks on earth. The packs on their backs have a mechanism which generates the fluorine gas. (Zaranite breathing masks also appears on Federation Council members in ST:TVH)
Costume reference photoST:TVH frame

Appendix 2. Star Trek:The Voyage Home

Huge round head with bright white skin and two rows of hair, the middle being bald.
Reptillian features and no nose. Centaur-like.
*Bzzit Khaht
Fishlike faces
Cat-like creatures. See also The Animated Series Caitians.
ST:TVH frameST:TVH frame
Dinosauroid features.
Wear rectangular masks.


TNG:"The Vengeance Factor"
A renegade group, known as "Gatherers" left the planet almost a century ago and has been marauding the spacelanes. Acamarians then developed a more peaceful, but still clan-based society.
Acamarian Yuta was not familiar with Federation replicator slots.
MY VOTE: Likely not.
TNG:"The Chase"
Professor Galen hoped to ride a transport of Al-Leyan registry on his search.
No evidence whether this is a race or the name of a political grouping. As Galen was leaving from Deep Space Four, they could presumably be just outside the border of the Federation.
MY VOTE: No need to include it.
TNG:"Angel One"
Riker presented the leader of Angel One with an Albeni meditation crystal.
This may not be the name of a race; it may rather be the name of the mineral of the crystal, or the discipline that uses it in meditation.
MY VOTE: No need to include it.
Destroyed the (seemingly) last Tarellian plague vessel.
MY VOTE: Likely not.
TNG:"The Perfect Mate"
A drink known as Aldorian ale was served. As with Aldebaran whiskey and Saurian brandy, this may be the name of a planet or species.
MY VOTE: No need to include it. (I will vote for it being imported, as with Romulan ale.)
TNG:"Menage a Troi"
Algolian ceremonial rhythms are in a percussive musical style.
The star Algol has a dark companion which eclipses it as seen from Earth. The periodic variation in brightness is detectable on Earth by the unaided eye. This could be the inspiration for the ceremonial rhythms; there need not be an Algolian race that uses them.
MY VOTE: No need to include it.
DS9:"A Man Alone"
Dax plays with an Altonian brain teaser. This may be a brand name, who knows?
MY VOTE: No need to include it.
A lieutenant (Starfleet?) who threw a drink at a young Benjamin Sisko.
MY VOTE: Probably.
From the planet Atrea IV. A ridge behind each ear.
Juliana O'Donnell married an Atrean and settled there. They recieved help from the Enterprise-D for a problem with their core.
DS9:"Body Parts"
A drink known as Alvanian brandy exists. As with Aldebaran whiskey and Saurian brandy, this may be the name of a planet or species.
MY VOTE: No need to include it. (I will vote for it being imported, as with Romulan ale.)
DS9:"Move Along Home"
A drink known as Andolian brandy was served. As with Aldebaran whiskey and Saurian brandy, this may be the name of a planet or species.
MY VOTE: No need to include it. (I will vote for it being imported, as with Romulan ale.)
A drink known as Andonian ale was served. As with Aldebaran whiskey and Saurian brandy, this may be the name of a planet or species.
MY VOTE: No need to include it. (I will vote for it being imported, as with Romulan ale.)
DS9:"The Maquis"
TNG:"Unification (I)"
Engaged in trade with the Romulans
TNG:"Redemption (II)"
A bigoted Starfleet officer would not prefer a Berellian engineer, Klingon counselor, or Android captain.
MT VOTE: Include them
DS9:"Sons of Mogh"
A Boslic freighter captain shot Kurg
Rionoj, recurring friend of Quark's in a Boslic freighter captain.
Suffered during Cardassian war in 2350's
MY VOTE: Likely
Formed a political alliance with the Federation.
TOS:"Friday's Child"
Anarchic, no use for laws or governments.
MY VOTE: Likely not
TNG:"Captain's Holiday"
Picard mediated a trade dispute between them and their neighbors, the Gemarians.
MY VOTE: Uncertain.
VGR:"The Cloud"
half-Human, half-Daliwakan in Chez Sandrine on Earth
MY VOTE: Likely. But might be an ethnic Daliwakan immigrant.
TOS:"I, Mudd"
Bought rights to Vulcan fuel synthesizer, death penalty. MY VOTE: the death penalty (for fraud) makes it unlikely.
DS9:"The Forsaken", TNG:"Firstborn"
Brains similar to Ferengi.
Homeworld destroyed by Borg.
MY VOTE: As with refugee Bajorans, individuals can be Federation citizens, but the race as a whole (or what is left of it) is not a member.
Elasians -
TOS:"Elaan of Troyius"
Frunalian science vessel requested to dock with DS9.
DS9:"The Wire"
Galipotan freighter had a delivery for Garak, but they do not acknowledge the concept of time.
DS9:"The Maquis (I)"
A ship with faked Galadoran registry and a fake route between Galador Two and Farius Prime left DS9.
DS9:"The Maquis (I)"
transparent skulls and twice the brain matter of a Human
TNG:"Final Mission"
Inhabitants of Gamelan V. The Enterprise-D is the only ship in the area able to respond to the distress call when a radioactive barge entered the system.
TNG:"Captain's Holiday"
Picard mediated a trade dispute between them and their neighbors, the Dachlyds.
MY VOTE: Uncertain.
TNG:"The Ensigns of Command"
Chosen to mediate with the Sheliak
DS9:"Second Sight"
Evidence for: Dr Setlik worked for their government terraforming one of their planets, and married a member of the species.
Evidence against: Sisko could not identify the species to Odo.
Not definitive either way, although I'd guess a member.
Nagus's personal servant.
MY VOTE: That seems to rule them out.
DS9:"A Simple Investigation"
A secretive people, the have their own intelligence agency.
TNG:"The Outcast"
DS9:"The Passenger"
A dying race. The Federation is helping to supply deuridium for their survival. Have their own security.
DS9:"The Circle"
Traders in botanical DNA, weapons runners to Bajoran dissidents for the Cardassian High Command.
TNG:"Loud as a Whisper"
DS9:"The Maquis"
Suspected of smuggling arms to Cardassians in the DMZ. The similar Xepolites are described as "politically unaffiliated."
MY VOTE: Can't say, see Klaestrons.
DS9:"Melora" Hydrogen breathing
DS9:"Business as Usual"
Were supplied weapons for a war within living memory.
MY VOTE: Likely not.
DS9:"Second Skin"
Offered asylum to Legate Ghemor.
TOS:"Is There in Truth No Beauty?"
TNG:"Hollow Pursuits"
Donated tissue samples to help with the outbreak of Correllium fever at Nahmi IV, but shipped them in containers using invidium, a substance which Starfleet officers considered obsolete, and which in fact proved harmful to current starship technologies.
DS9:"Business as Usual"
At war with the Vek
MY VOTE: Unlikely
MY VOTE: Unlikely
Gray, wrinkled skin. Value peace above confrontation. Comquored six times over 300 years.
Don't like Bolians, but have an uneasy truce.
TNG:"Eye of the Beholder"
Possibly a double ridge forming an oval from the bridge of the nose to high on the forehead. Partially empathic.
Half-Napean, Half-Human in Starfleet.
MY VOTE: Probable.
TNG:"Smaritan Snare", "Tapestry"
Access to a Starbase, but rather rough.
MY VOTE: Probably not.
DS9:"Family Business"
Owned a freighter captained by Kasidy Yates.
TNG:"Final Mission"
Said to be a Federation planet in the Encyclopedia. It remains to be determined if the salenite miners (example: Captain Dirgo) are indigenous or immigrants. Picard was requested to mediate a labor dispute (under what the script calls Regalian law).
DS9:"Business as Usual"
At war, bought weapons from Quark.
Possibly several races on several habitable planets in the Rigel system.
Any Scathosian woman who conceives a child before age 40 is executed.
MY VOTE: Not bloody likely
TNG:"True Q"
Ecologically devastated planet.
One of the scientists gathered by Dr. Crusher.
DS9:"Things Past"
Believable as smugglers during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.
TNG:"A Matter of Perspective"
Received E-D's help in scientific experiment.
DS9:"The Muse"
Father of Lwaxana Troi's child.
Terellian freighter crashed near the Iyaraan homeworld.
DS9:"Life Support"
Three Terrellian visitors to DS9 bragged of their prowess at dom-jot (If they were the same as the Terellians above, no wonder, they have four arms.)
TOS:"Elaan of Troyius"
Helped by E-D in historical research. Criminal returned to home planet's jurisdiction.
DS9:"Dramatis Personae"
Believed to have supplied weapons-grade dolomite to Cardassians during Bajor occupation. Kira thought Sisko should deny docking to them, which would be odd if they were Federation members, in any case, he did not.
MY VOTE: See Klaestrons, but no, I don't think so.
TNG:"Perfect Mate"
Same race as on neighboring Krios, which is a Klingon protectorate.
DS9:"Business as Usual"
At war with the Minnobian people.
MY VOTE: Unlikely
DS9:"Business as Usual"
Some Verillians were looking for sophisticated weapons.
Vok'sha - from Rakella Prime
VOY:"Heroes and Demons"
From Rakella Prime, from the Encyclopedia I can't even tell if this is in the Delta Quadrant.
VGR:"Before and After"
Beta Quadrant species.
TNG:"The Most Toys"
Kivas Fajo's race.


Delta Quadrant
VGR:"The Chute"
An advanced race that kept hidden for years by cloaking their planet, they have become sterile, and, unless a solution is found, they are on their way to extinction.
TNG:"When the Bough Breaks"
Inhabitants of Daled IV, a planet whose rotation period is equal to its year and keeps one face permanently towards its sun. It culture is divided among those who live on the day face and those who live on the night face. They are capable of altering their form.
TNG "The Dauphin"
*Angels (?)
A human-looking race. They have been persuing an isolationist policy to prevent changes in their culture.
TNG:"Angel One"
Last of a race who claimed to have visited Earth and inspired the Greeks. Stayed on Earth until at least the 13th century B.C. (the time of the Trojan War).
TOS:"Who Mourns for Adonis?"
There is a pattern of inherited esper ability among some of the women.
Not a colony; their awakening took place centuries ago.
Accessible to Starfleet, but threatened Kirk with closing their port to "your Starfleet"
TOS:"Wolf in the Fold"
Gamma Quadrant, the planet Argratha
DS9:"Hard Time"
Remnant that fled their home planet when their culture was tearng itself apart with war (the home planet is presumably extinct), they settled on a planet in the "Briar Patch" where the radiation has the effect of keeping them young and healthy. They have foresaken any technology that would distract from their concentration on life.
Delta Quadrant
VGR:"Ex Post Facto"
TNG:"Thine Own Self"
Wished to remain neutral among the powers bidding for the wormhole discovered in their space.
Catlike, require additional breathing gear in a Class M atmosphere.
TNG:"The Price"
Would have gone extinct when their planet underwent sudden atmospheric dissipation if not for the actions of Nikolai Rozhenko, Federation academic performing a cultural study on the planet.
Delta Quadrant
Actually a collection of species. Presumably there was one species which first modified itself with cybernetic implants. This is likely not Species 125.
An extremely secretive race, protective of their borders. Breen are not empathically detectable by Betazoids and wear sealed, refridgerated suits when off-planet. The Breen homeworld is supposedly a frozen wasteland, but a Vorta (attempting to sow distrust among the Cardassians) claimed to have been there and found it quite temperate.
Delta Quadrant
Attacked several times by the Borg, they are barely holding on to their technology.
A shapechanging race of unknown origin and nature, almost thought to be legendary. One example was found in Klingon space, on Rura Penthe.
*Children of Tamar (sometimes Tamarians)
Have established contact with the Federation.
Galactic Core
This race studies spacefaring cultures by sending out probes that reprogram the subject's technology to bring them to the Cytherian system for cultural exchange. The "god" of Shakari may have been a renegade member of this race.
TNG:"The Nth Degree"
Actually an offshoot of the Romulans.
Dinosaur features including an extended head. Had been conquored by the Son'a and integrated into their society as a servitor race.
Openning negotiations with the Federation.
Not a Federation world.
DS9:"A Simple Investigation"
Gamma Quadrant
Warp, presumably.
Reacted hostily to the Federation's attempts at first contact.
TNG:"Tin Man"
Possibly extra-galactic
A living starship that was in symbiosis with its crew. Only one individual, codenamed "Tin Man", is known to survive, and that without its original crew species.
TNG:"Tin Man"
Gamma Quadrant
Genetically engineered warriors of the Dominion. They are created artificially in birthing chambers and reach maturity a few days after emergance. They lack a vital enzyme, and must be supplied with ketracel-white, which also supplies all the nutrients and calories they need.
Delta Quadrant
A subject race of the Trabe, they overthrew their conquerors, using the spaceflight technology to become an interstellar power, but also continuing their internecine battles. The Kazon civilization is divided into various sects, each claiming whatever volume of space they can hold as their territory.
Allied to the Cardassians, had a civil war mediated by Curzon Dax, have an extradition treaty with the Federation.
*living machines
The Voyager VI probe had dissappeared from the solar system into what was then know as a black hole. It then appeared over a planet of living machines. They repaired the probe and refitted it to carry out its mission to "learn all that is learnable".
A humanoid race. Empathic, but only with other members of their race.
Lumarian mediator Alkar thanked the Federation for aid in getting to Rekag-Seronia, but felt uncomfortable arriving in a heavily armed Starfleet ship.
TNG"Man of the People"
Delta Quadrant
A species with great mental powers and a nine year lifespan. Their planet was ecologicaly devastated a millennia ago in an accident involving extragalactic explorers.
Exchanged ambassadors with the Federation.
DS9:"Family Business"
Actually a renegade section of the Vulcans. Without the latter's devotion to logic, they are a warlike, treacherous empire.
The planet is also known as Rekag-Seronia, giving the implication that the Rekag faction is the smaller group.
TNG"Man of the People"
Actually a renegade section of the Ba'ku. Away from the radiation they have aged, and their bodies deteriorated.
*Species 125
Presumably Delta Quadrant
Presumably assimilated into the
Borg Collective.
Borg Queens encountered have been of this race.
ST:FC VGR:"Dark Frontier",
Leonine featured.
Had been conquored by the Son'a and integrated into their society as a servitor race.
A crystaline species, very protective of their terrritory.
TOS:"The Tholian Web"
Delta Quadrant
Had enslaved the Kazon until that race united for one uprising of freedom and slaughter. The surviving Trabe are hounded by the Kazon throughout space and prevented from settling on any planet.
Almost destroyed by Dr. Soran.
Gamma Quadrant
A race bred by the Founders to be their representatives among the solids.

Appendix 1. Animated

Federation Members

Birdlike bipeds with arms, wings, and legs.
Part of a Federation historical research mission.
Starfleet officer.
Federation Council members with feline features (without Lt. M'ress's mane) in ST:TVH were called Caitians by the makeup department.
Three-armed and three-legged with a small head on a long neck.
Starfleet officer.


Part of the mining colony on the non-Federation world, Motherload.
(Name may only be the Concordance's way of referring to them.)
TAS:"Mudd's Passion"
Covered with fur and with a bearlike face.
Part of the mining colony on the non-Federation world, Motherload.
(Name may only be the Concordance's way of referring to them.)
TAS:"Mudd's Passion"


*aborigines of Delta Theta III
Medically advanced, they created the surgo-op proceedure to convert themselves to water-breathers when earthquakes sank most of the land masses of their planet.
TAS:"The Ambergis Element"
From the planet Dramia, they had colonized a Dramia II. The Federation sent an inoculation program against the Saurian virus there.
TAS:"The Albatros"
*"god" of Delta Theta III
This being is overseeing the development of the aborigines of this planet.
*Em/3/Green's People
Tech level unknown
Small green biped with six arms.
300 Million years ago they built enourmous ships evidently spinning the material of the hull like a cocoon.
TAS:"Beyond the Farthest Star"
This being visited Earth in the 6th and 12th centuries A.D. (or possibly the 6th through 12th centuries) and taught the Mayans and the Aztecs. (Alan Dean Foster's book suggests he also taught the Egyptians and Chinese, inspiring the snake and dragon motifs in their cultures, which would put him on Earth even earlier.)
TAS:"How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth"
Tall and massively built, their clawed digits and feline facial features contrast with their folding, bat-wing ears and naked pink tails.
Fought four wars with humanity. After the last their weaponry was restricted to police duties.
TAS:"The Slaver Weapon"
Six meter long slugs. They have swift telepathy among themselves and distort sensor readings to hide the civilization on their planet.
TAS:"Eye of the Beholder"
TAS:"The Magics of Megas-tu"
Colony creatures, they are able to divide into their component parts which are capable of some independent operations. Want to test the Federation before openning relations.
Plant-beings. They have their brain in an asparagus-looking appendage at the top of a stalk with two specialized photoreceptors, their trunk has a number of ropelike manipulative vines hanging from it and ends in a digging yet removable root system that is used for locomotion.
TAS:"The Infinite Vulcan"
Birdlike bipeds with arms, wings, and legs. A proud, warrior race, they have learned to live in peace, but they still have the potential to ravage the galaxy.
Holders of a vast empire, possibly galactic in scope a billion years ago. Their subjects rebelled in a massive war that destroyed all intelligent life at that time.
TAS:"The Slaver Weapon"
*Sord's People
Tech level unknown
Bipedal dinosaurs
*Taurean Women
Migrants to Taurus II from another planet, they found their new home a drain on them. The women found a way to revitalize themselves from the life force of the men; a process that unfortunately aged and killed the men.
TAS:"The Lorelei Signal"
Stooped cat-like creatures with white fur. The oldest starfaring race known.
The planet is under quarantine as the Vendorians can rearrange their molecules to assume any shape. Their normal shape has a head and small body ending in whip-like tentacles used for manipulation and locomotion.
TAS:"The Survivor"

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