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I hope to make a better main page, but for now I'll do a Question and Answer format:

Why doesn't this page have any copyright violations (ie scanned art)?

Because a few years ago when I had to move, I sold all my comics instead of packing them up and shipping them.
I started this from memory, except for a single issue of the Official Marvel Index to the Avengers which was packed in a wrong box and the Graphic Novel Death of a Universe in a box with other odd-shaped magazines.

I've since gotten other references, I'm still working them in.

What is the Squadron Supreme?

  1. The Squadron Supreme is a limited series written by Mark Gruenwald, now collected into a trade paperback volume.
    Freed from the constraints of keeping the comic's Earth looking (at least superficially) like our Earth and of tying into the continuity of other books, he explored the ramifications of super-heroes taking over the world to save it from itself. A "pre-Watchmen Watchmen"; it substitutes for that book's cynicism with a sense of humor and history.
  2. The Squadron Supreme is the foremost (in fact, only) group of super-heroes on its world.
  3. The Squadron Supreme is Marvel's version of the Justice League of America.

Who are the Squadron Supreme?

This actually deserves its own page (what I hope to make the main page.) See also below.

Which Squadronners are based on which Justice Leaguers?

The short list, which everyone agrees on is below, the Squadroner's name links to a biography page in the style of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (hmm.. should also pick up the Handbook while I'm buying.) There is a list of other characters in the books, with more controversial analogies to the DC universe. I'm going to give it a separate page, but first I remembered I should ask permission to quote the rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe posters who brought them up.

Power Princess:Wonder Woman
Doctor Spectrum:Green Lantern
Golden Archer:Green Arrow
Lady Lark:Black Canary
Tom Thumb:Atom
Blue Eagle:Hawkman
Skrull:Martian Manhunter

I've added a page
Which Squadron-Earth places are based on which Earth-1 places?

Where do the Squadron Supreme appear?

I'm preparing a page of bibliography.
See also the chronology

How about this Squadron Sinister I hear about?

OK. They are evil versions of four of the Squadron members: Hyperion, Nighthawk, Whizzer, and Doctor Spectrum created by the Grandmaster to fight the Avengers as his pawns in a game with Kang the Conqueror. The Grandmaster had won a game against the Scarlet Centurion using some members of the Squadron Supreme, and, prevented by his own rules from using the same pawns twice, he made copies of what he thought would be a winning combination. Although they never had much interaction with the Squadron Supreme, I'll try to collect a bibliography of them as well.

Well, that's five W's and an H. My job here is done.

Oh, yeah, I'll have to pick up a back issue of the Limited Series to see if there was a letter column. I could scan the column head and put it here for anyone who wanted to e-mail me.

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