Picture of Hero [Not Available]


Real Name: Arcanna Jones [maiden name unrevealed
Family: Phillip Jones (husband), Drusilla, Katrina, Andrew, Benjamin (children) Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Strength: Human
Powers: Psychic awareness, magic abilities
Equipment A forked branch on which she flies


Not much is known of Arcanna's early years. Conjecturally, she was born with psychic awareness and an affinity for magic and her family was aware and able to tutor her. She joined the Squadron Supreme and has had at least one leave of absense due to pregnancy before the Utopia Project.

During the Utopia Project she became pregnant again, but continued working with the Squadron until an unnexpected battle induced premature labor. The child, Benjamin Thomas Jones, was born healthy, but while still nursing him Arcanna was caught up in the Nth man crisis. She lost Benjamin when he traded all he was, including his mystic potential, with all Thomas Lightner was and went back through the universes to undo the damage Lightner had done as the Nth man