The Sqaudron Supreme Through Space and Time


The Squadron Earth has many cities and states known by names different from those on the Marvel Earth. With the help of The Atlas of the DC Universe and and a more conventional atlas, I've attempted to correlate the places.

City DC Universe Equivalent Marvel Universe Equivalent Notes
Alamo Town
San Antonio? San Antonio, TX Raid on the Westinger gun factory there
Angelopolis ?? ?? ??
Atomic City
Coast City, CA Lancaster (Edwards AFB), CA?
White Sands, NM?
Dr. Spectrum's home
Launchsite of Brainchild-1
Capitol City
Washington, DC Washington, DC Hyperion in SS #1 said he overheard Nighthawk talking to Washington.
He meant Herb Washington, President Richmond's personal secretary
New Troy
Metropolis/Gotham City Manhattan, NY Home of Hyperion's newspaper colleagues
and Nighthawk's Mansion (one of)
Fort Largo ?? ?? Insurrection by the armed forces being disarmed
New Babylon
Star City, CA Hollywood, CA Home of the Golden Archer and Lady Lark
Harbor City ?? ?? In a warehouse on the docks
the Shape was un-B-Modded
?? Pittsburgh? Foundry where Dr. Spectrum was melting down seized weapons
Middleton, CO ?? Hometown of James Doe (alias of the Skrull)
Knickerbocker City ?? ?? Hometown of Nelson Rockefeller
Happy Harbor, RI? ?? About 35 miles southwest of
the landing spot of Rocket Central
Squadrons cave headquarters nearby?
?? Plymouth, Massachusetts? Home of the American Eagles
Central City, IL ?? Home of the Whizzer
Located on Interstate 80
Calvin City or Ivytown, CT Bridgeport, CT Birthplace of Tom Thumb
Motor City
Detroit? Detroit, MI Home of Nuke
New Troy
?? ?? Home of Arcana Jones
?? ?? Birthplace of Foxfire

As can be seen, The states are even known by different names, here is a compilation of the data given so far.

State Cities Marvel Universe Equivalent Notes
Danteana Hegeltown
Connecticut The name Danteana (as in "inferno") may suggest an industrialized state
Freedonia Mayflower Massechussets .
Herculanea Atomic City California? New Mexico? The Soutwest coast may be split into more than one state
See New Babylon
Huxley? Huxley State Prison ?? In the West, on a fault line
Magelland Capital City Could be a district,
or could be Maryland or Virginia
The states may have not given up their territory
Moreland Maslow Rhode Island? Contains Rangeley Mountain Range
and the cavern headquarters of the Squadron Supreme
New Babylon Franklintown California Has got to be a reference to Hollywood: Babylon
New Troy Cosmopolis
Knickerbocker City?
New York .
New Wesley None Known New Jersey? Across the George Orwell Bridge from New Troy
Niagra None Known ?? Western New York State
perhaps the "Empire State" does not extend that far on Squadron Earth
Olmstead Alamo City
Texas .
Sigmund Mechanopolis
Santayana City
?? .
Sylvania Jonesville Colorado? .
Vesperia None Known . Home of the Federal Penitentiary that was site of the first demonstration of the B-Mod device.
Winnebago None Known Wisconsin Named for Indian tribe in area
Might extend further south
Nuke said he was going north when travelling to Motor City
Wyandota Motor City Michigan Named for Indian tribe in area

Well, that sucks the fun right out of it. The trouble with being a completist.

What I was really interested in is the History of the Squadron.


We'll start off with a few questions to set the terms.

Q: I know the vagarities of "comic-book time", did the Squadron Supreme Limited Series really take a year?

A: I would say yes. The Squadron asked for a set period of time for their Utopia Project, this would not have dramatic impact if retconned into "a few months" or "some time". Mark Gruenwald also designed the series without those cliffhangers that reqire zero time to pass in the month between comics and lead to the compression of comic-book time. Indeed, he has built in lacunae (look it up) between the issues and in some of the issues themselves.

As to when it did occur; 1985 (one year after 1984) would still be appropriate, except for the new one-shot (see below). There are three years mentioned in the Squdron Supreme Limited series, 1985 [the death of Nuke's parents], 1958 [birth of Olivia Underwood (Foxfire)] and 1970 [Scarlet Centurion first fought the original Squadron Supreme]. In the tradition of Olshevsky I will treat the years as "topical", dating events from the Utopia Project (denoted as UP), but I will keep the length of time their differences indicate.

Q: So, did a Marvel year pass between the Squadron appearrances in Defenders #115 (Jan'83) and Quasar #13 (Aug '90)?

A: Perhaps, at one time. Marvel-time compresses as events shrink to fit the current conception that the Fantastic Four's rocket flight took place "ten years ago". Since we accept a difference between time on Marvel-Earth and (to coin a phrase) "Earth-Prime", why not a time difference between Marvel-Earth and Squadron-Earth?

Q: How much Squadron-Earth time passed between 1989 (Sqadron Supreme Graphic Novel Death of a Universe) and 1998 (Squadron Supreme One-Shot New World Order)?

A: Alas, not nine years, the children left behind have not become teenagers. The introductory text (from a Marvel viewpoint) speaks of "months," but twice characters on the Squadron-Earth speak of "years."

And now, the Timeline...

The Distant Past

10 Billion y B.C. (approx)
Birth of the Universe
Based on assumption of parallel history
4.5 Billion y B.C. (approx)
Formation of Earth and the Solar System
Based on assumption of parallel history
Umpteen Million y B.C. (approx)
The Elder gods are driven off the Earth, but Set forms plans for his return
Story of the Serpent Crown. I really must buy the Atlantis Attacks annuals
1776 A.D.
Birth of the United States. A Constitution is written guaranteeing, among other things, Freedom of Speech, Due Process of Law, and the Right to Bear Arms.
Future presidents will include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, and -most recently- Hubert Humphrey, John Rockefeller, Kyle Richmond, and Jules Gardner.
Based on assumption of parallel history. The first four presidents listed have their faces carved on President's Mountain (suggesting their version of Mt. Rushmore took longer to complete than ours)
Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, is assassinated
Kyle Richmond contemplated both Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth while preparing to kill Hyperion

The Recent Past

UP - 40 y (approx)
The '40's
The Big War
The Golden Agency is formed, including the members Power Princess, American Eagle, and Professor Imam.
UP - 41 y
Thomas Thompson born
WSQS-TV special report on his funeral (SS#10)
UP - 38 y
Sticken with a pituitary abnormality, Thompson stops growing at 3 feet 7 inches
WSQS report
UP - 27 y
Olivia Underwood born in Schrodinger, Olmstead. She will become a supervillain under the codename Foxfire.
SS#9, 4:4
UP - 24 y
Thomas Thompson has already earned PhDs in math, physics, and electrical engineering
WSQS report
Undated Event
Hyperion, Nighthawk, Power Princess, Amphibian, the Whizzer, Doctor Spectrum, and the Skrull join forces to defeat a giant robot, and decide to stay together to form the Squadron Supreme
A one panel flashback in SS#1
UP - 15 y
The Scarlet Centurion makes his first known appearance in the 20th Century, displacing iron objects and other mineral resources from Cosmopolis to his own, resource-poor 41th Century. The original Squadron Supreme drive him from this time.
SS#9, 5:3
Undated Events
Before UP - 10 y
Tom Thumb completes Rocket Central, a manned, orbiting headquarters for the Squadron.
SS#1, 33:3 Tom reflects that it has been his only home for ten years or so
Undated Events
UP - 8.5 y
Kyle Richmond leaves superheroing for politics and is elected to Congress.
Assuming the industrialist's political plans began the election cycle before the presidential election
UP - 6.5 y
Nelson Rockefeller is elected president.
Undated Events
UP - 2.5 y
Kyle Richmond is elected President with Vice-President Maxwell
Based on the assumption that Squadron-Earth's US Constitution does not follow the British model of requiring a new election when confidence is lost in the current government. Rockefeller would be succeeded by his VP, or, if he resigned, by the Speaker of the House, or, if he resigned, by the next in line. (I like the suggestion that after the Overmind Affair the presidency devolved all the way down to the Postmaster General.) Kyle was elected, he did not succeed to office.
UP - 1 y
Nuke joins the Squadron.
SS#2. Tom Thumb took measurements of Nuke's power when he first joined. He refers to that file "from a year ago."
UP - 6 months
Overmind takes controll of the world of the Squadron until he is defeated by the Defenders and the Squadron Supreme.
Defenders #112-116
Utopia Project
Will fill in events of this year.
UP + 1 y
Disappearance of the Squadron.
Death of a Universe
UP + ?
Return of the Squadron
New World Order

The Future?

UP + 443 y
Professor Imam had been saving his physical strength to train his successor at this time. It is unknown what will happen now that the professor has left this plane of existance.
Captain America#314, 2:3
3935 A.D.
First year of the reign of the Scarlet Centurion
The Graphic Novel Death of a Universe opens on the 45th year of his reign.
Scarlet Centurion's Time Probes finally succeed in detecting the Nth Man's incursion into the present.
Scarlet Centurion returns from the 20th Century for the last time.
Oddly, between his detecting the Nth Man and returning from the 20th Century for the last time, the Scarlet Centurion hosted Master Menace in his future for 15 years (perhaps not this far forward in the future)
Death of the Scarlet Centurion?
Death of a Universe says he will live another 211 years, but does not specify when and where he will die.