Application Form

Name _____________________________________
Address _____________________________________
Phone _____________________________________
Number Requested Small Trees
Hedge Maple
Celestial Dogwood
Pacific Sunset Maple
Hot Wings Maple
Blue Beech
Flowering Crabapple
Medium Trees
Imperial Honeylocust
State Street Maple
Aristocrat Pear
Littleleaf Linden
Large Trees
Autumn Fantasy Maple
Norway Maple
Bald Cypress
Dawn Redwood
Silver Linden
Northern Acclaim Honeylocust
Heritage Oak
American Linden
Homestead Elm
Total number of trees
Amount Enclosed: $_______________________________

Please make your check or money order for $50.00 per tree payable to

Kalida Area Chamber of Commerce

Print and mail this form along with payment to:

Kalida Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 72
Kalida, OH  45853