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    Key Driving School, Inc., is located in Delta, Napoleon and Whitehouse and serves the Northwest Ohio area with top quality driver education programs, since 1993.  Key Driving School is licensed by the state of Ohio Department of Public Safety and employs licensed driving instructors for your driving needs.  A variety of classes are available including:


Delta office hours are Mon., Wed., and Fri. 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm.


 Manager A/O:
Bonnie Lech  

Stephanie Garrett

Licensed Instructors:
Bonnie Lech
Diane Ordway
Jody Abrigo
Amy Miller
Ryan Davis
Suzanne Lowery





Key Driving School can be reached at: key@bright.net.email.gif

If you are interested in more information about Key Driving School and available class schedules and times, feel free to visit our registration page and request more information. If you are interested in other information regarding driving and driver safety, visit the pages listed in the below table. These pages contain information on classes, registration, defensive driving, and many other subjects. Browse around.


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