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What is a Defensive Driving Workshop?
KDS provides customized workshops for businesses that need a driver safety or defensive driving program for their employees. The program can be of any length. It can include classroom work, in car instruction, or a combination of both. The employer or committee can select topics and skills to be covered.

Many insurance companies require employers to provide a yearly training program for their employees who drive for the business. Companies also will use a defensive driving class as part of their safety program to help minimize accidents.

What does the program involve?
The classroom can cover any of the following topics:

  • Adjusting Speed
  • Collision Prevention
  • Communication
  • Driving Emergencies
  • Effects of Aging
  • Margin of Safety
  • Risk Management
  • You the Driver
  • Your Car
  • Other topics can be addressed. A KDS representative can design a course to fit any need.

When are classes?
The workshop can be held at any time convenient for a group of employees. The length of the session or sessions will be determined by KDS and the employer.

The fee for a workshop conducted at the Napoleon classroom is $50.00 per hour. There is an additional charge for moving equipment to workshops conducted at other sites. Refreshments or meals can be arranged through Key Driving School.


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What recognition can an employee receive?
Each participant will receive an attractive Certificate of Completion after completing the workshop. The employer also will receive a letter listing names of employees completing the workshop.  




Does a person need to pass a test?
No test is required by KDS. The employer or insurance company can request a written test or demonstration drive if they wish.

An example of skills evaluated during a demonstration drive are as follows: driving within marked lanes, staying in appropriate lanes when turning, exercising the proper use of turn signals, maintaining the proper stopping distance at intersections, exercising vigilance for other traffic and wearing safely belts.


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