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When can a student get a temporary permit?
Students may obtain a temporary permit when they turn 15 1/2. It is not necessary to take the class before getting the temporary permit. Students should practice driving with parents or guardians as much as possible after getting their temporary permit.

How do high school students get their permit?
Students may obtain their permit before taking the KDS class by doing the following:

  • Study the Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws.
  • Go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles with social security card, birth certificazte, parent/guardian, and take the written test.
  • Upon passing the test go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and purchase your permit. (approx. $22.00)

How are students scheduled for driving?
Students or parents can phone in their temporary permit number and validation date to the Delta office after at least two hours of classroom work has been completed, or the 1st day of class the student can put thrir name on the driving list. The Manager, Instructor will call or text the student's home to make three or four appointments for the student's driving instruction. However, students cannot drive and attend class the same day. Students may also inform the instructor the first day of class to put their name on the driving list to get scheduled to drive. Students must be done in 6 month with classroom amd driving. If student is not ready to drive then wait or you will have to pay again and take class all over, whether you come to us or go somewhere else.

What if students lose their permits?
If students lose their permit they must repurchase the packet. Students may not have to retest. The 6 month waiting period is not affected.

How long are the driving sessions?
Students must have a total of 8 hours of instruction behind the wheel (state regulation). Each session generally lasts 2 to 3 hours. Students need their permits and identification cards to drive.

Is a pickup service available?
KDS has a pickup service for driving instruction sessions. The service is free to students who live within the KDS service area.

What is done to insure safety in the car?
The instructors are well trained and experienced. The cars are well maintained. Medical information forms about students are also in the car.

How do high school students obtain their drivers license?
Students are required to hold their temporary permit for six months. Students must carry their Permit in order to drive.

They can then call the examination station after receiving a Certificate of Completion from Key Driving School. Their parent/guardian must submit a notarized form at the examination station stating the student driver has driven at least 50 hours, 10 of which were driven at night. Take the certificate of completion of driver ed, the temporary permit, and social security card to the test site.

How can students practice for the maneuverability test
Students are welcome to practice with their parents/guardians at the Delta maneuverability course at the corner of VAN BUREN ST & MAPLEWOOD ST. (Of course if one of our instructors with their student comes in they must use the course because they are teaching.)


8. Spacious classrooms allowing for comfortable student seating.

7. Free use of private maneuverability course at Delta where cones are already set up for our students and cones and poles available at Whitehouse location for you to set up on marks on parking lot pavement and take down when done, The cones are behind our Key sign at Whitehouse.

6. A Northwest Ohio business that cares about local area student performance. We are a home grown business.

5. Insured beyond the state required minimum for student security.

4. Parents given student's driving evaluation for better communication.

3. Drop-in conferences and tutoring available at the Delta office.

2. Follow-up letter mailed with certificate of completion.

1. Instructors accustomed to teaching a full range of programs: adult instruction, insurance discount classes and high school program.   

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