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Bobology n. 1. The study of all things BOB.

Ego-surfing v. 1. Looking out across the web for some reference to yourself.

I don't know why, but I started noticing odd pages and domains here and there using my name (the nerve of those people!) Naturally, I felt that all the rest of you would share my interest in me, so I put links to those sites here. Did you know that there are at least two books written about the name Bob? And a bridge in Colorado is named Bob? Who wouldda thunk it? Even Bill Gates himself tried to promote an operating system called Bob! And now, with the power of the internet, these and other Bob-facts can be easily shared with nearly everyone in the whole world! Ain't life grand?


There are a whole lot of domains containing Bob in their names.  Over 18 million at last look.  (That link opens a new window.  Just close it when you're done and this will be visible again.)

Bob the Squirrel writes comics on the web.

Weebl and Bob like PIE!  When come back bring pie.  (Turn on your speakers for this one.)

BOB 106.1 FM New and Classic Country comes to you from Princeton, Minnesota!

The Bob and Tom Show is a syndicated radio program.  Bob and Tom Bennett's Fine Art is not a radio show.
Bob and Sheri is another radio program.  There's also an unofficial Bob and Sheri Forum, Don't confuse them with the innkeepers Bob and Sherry, or the miniature horse farmers Bob and Sherry, or the dairy farmers Bob and Sherry, or the boaters Bob and Sherry, or the dragster/pea soup Bob and Sherry, or the PT Cruisers Bob and Sherry, or married Bob and Sheri, or even Bob Finhert's recipe for Canadian Sherry.

Can we fix it?  YES WE CAN!  Bob The Builder is a site worth visiting just to see the opening pages alone.  Maybe Bob Vila can help.  And we can use Bob's Tools.

Bob's Rock Shop is about geology, not music.

You can shop at Bob's Electric Mall.

Bob and George is a comic strip.  (are a comic strip?)

Links to all things French are not what you'd expect from someone called Tennessee Bob.

Bob's trailers can be tower behind your bike and there are some cool strollers there as well.

Wanna learn some skateboard tricks?  Ask Bob.  Complete with photos.

Bob-e-books sells e-books.  But not all of them are about Bobs.

Michelle W. is writing a book called My Life With Bob and wants your anecdotes.

This Bob apparently eats crayons.

Hurricane Bob hit the Eastern US seaboard in August of 1991 and cooled the surface of the sea.

This one is gone again. Anyone know where it went?  Avon, Colorado, hosted the annual BobSummerFest!  It was featured in the Pentax commercials, and Avon is the home of the bridge named Bob!  There's also a restaurant called Bob's Place.

Bob Brunsden is a Commercial photographer.

eBOB is part of a web page named Bob.  You can even send a Bob E-card from there.

WIDE WORLD OF BOB is about a language (or program? OS?) called bob, with some original Bob-writings added.

The Bob Marshall Foundation is dedicated to the restoration of the trail system and wilderness values in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.  "The Bob" is one of the largest, wildest, and most revered natural ecosystems in the nation.  Do a search for it...

The Adventures of Bob is a long rambling story about Bob...

There's an acappella band named The Bobs.

Bobby is a web-based public service offered by CAST that analyzes web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities as well as their compatibility with various browsers.

A band named Bob found this page and asked to be placed on the list.  Plus, they offered me a CD to do it!  So of course I put in!  Check 'em out, and listen to a clip or two at their site...

Bob Dodds Page has a lot of political commentary.

A Story about Bob is a short story about a goat named Bob..

The Bob Book is one of those books mentioned above... Funny, funny stuff.  I received this book as a present when it came out, and I highly recommend it to you. Why Bob is the second page there, and it really explains a lot about me........Bob in Hell is yet another excerpt.  More can be found at The Handy Bob.

Mystical Smoking Head of 'Bob' Remember the Magic 8 Ball®?  Check this place out...

The Official Bob the Angry Flower Web Page is a cartoon series based on this angry flower, see?  And his name is...Bob! is a Bob website. Bob ads, pages, links galore!

kill bob? Why? Then there's this little thing I found (ok, stole) at  Hmm, makes one think a bit.....

"Where It All Started", AA

Dr. Bob's Gnarly Web Cubby Hole has some great graphics, and a dinosaur page for kids.

The Story of The After Life of Bob is (was?) a University of Alberta comic strip about a sysad who gets killed by a safe falling on his head?  This is humor?The After Life of Bob is the actual comic strip..

Bob Books for Beginning Readers prove that Bob's like to help the kids learn to read.

Billy Bob's Texas - The World's Largest Country Music Nightclub.

World famous Bob's BBQ has restaurants throughout Oklahoma.

Psycho Bob's Looney Propaganda is, um, interesting...

Here's a place to get a set of Billy Bob Teeth!

Then there are the BOB radio stations: KBOB-FM; WBOB-AM

Bob Does Hell is an internet novel.

Bob Stuff is for sale here.  Dead link?

Bob's fridge door contains some funny satire...

Maybe you'd like to try Bob Os 4.0 (16-bit AI program)

Students Against Bob have even more bob-o-links.

Noah's home page lists lot's of famous Bob's!

I've avoided listing musicians, entertainers, and bands pretty much, but Barbecue Bob and the Spareribs have a funny page about their band and music.

Sideshow Bob (from the Simpson's) has several pages devoted to him, and at least three bands named after him...
What Is Sideshow Bob's Deal, Anyway? is a site that tries to figure him out.  The Sideshow Bob Gallery has pictures, sounds, and more.  This page compares Sideshow Bob to Sideshow Mel.
These bands are all called Sideshow Bob. Sideshow Bob from San Diego has a humerous homepage. Sideshow Bob from State College, PA has been around since 1995. Sideshow Bob (from Europe, I guess) has lyrics but nothing else in English.

Here's some reasons to never trust a Bob. (For one, this link may be dead)

The First Online Church of "Bob" is a collection of weird [to me] odds and ends of the net......but I like the Title.

The Adventures of Bob are interesting reading.

Alien Bob's command post is all about Alien Bob and his views of us Earthlings.

Bob's comic reviews are just that -- editorial reviews of comic strips.

I don't list links to pages just 'cuz some guy named Bob has a page, but this guy wrote me and told me how this page changed his life. "...actually inspired me...", he wrote.  [Inspired him to put up his own page.]  Here's your link, Bob. Keep that flattery coming! is a personal page about a Bob.

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