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Book 1
Historic Ashland County
Book 1

Betty Plank
Published 1987 with 317 pages, Hardcover-New
Second printing 2012
This book contains reprint articles by Ashland, Ohio historian Betty Plank.
From 1976 to 2016 Mrs. Plank wrote the Historic Ashland County column
in the Ashland Times-Gazette.  This column appeared every Saturday and
was read by many Ashland County residents for many years.  The book contains
 a wide variety of history from various points in Ashland County, Ohio.

Sale price is $30.00
Book 3
Historic Ashland County
Book 3
Betty Plank
Published 2005 with 262 pages, Hardcover-New
First printing 2005
A continuation of Historic Ashland County Book 1.  A collection of more
Historic Ashland County newspapers articles from the
Ashland Times-Gazette.  Stories found here are all new and
not repeated from Book 1.

Sale price is $30.00
Hayesville 1
Early History of Hayesville
Vermillion Township
Virginia Patterson
Published 1976 with 96 pages, Softcover-New
Second printing 1998
Virginia Patterson served as the local Ashland Times-Gazette
correspondent for over 50 years in Hayesville, Ohio.  In 1976
she completed this book to honor the National Bicentennial
Celebration.  The book contains a wide variety of history for
both Hayesville and Vermillion Township, Ohio. 

Out of Print
Hayesville 2
Historic Hayesville
Past and Present
Virginia Patterson
Published 1996 with 68 pages, Softcover-New
Second printing 1998
A collection of new historic articles about Hayesville, Ohio written
 by Virginia Patterson. 

Sale price is $10.00

Cats Meow
Hayesville Opera House
Hayesville, Ohio
Wooden cutout by Cat's Meow Village; Wooster, Ohio
Feline Jones
Size is 6 X 4 X 1 inches

Sale price is $15.00

Note card
Hayesville Opera House
Note cards with envelopes
Package of 5
Size is 5X7 inches

Sale price is $2.00