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March of the Wooden Soldiers (Babes in Toyland)
1934 Hal Roach Christmas classic starring Laurel and Hardy, Henry Brandon, Virginia Karns, Charlotte Henry. Ollie Dee and Stanley Dum try to borrow money from their employer, the toymaker, to pay off the mortgage on Mother Peep's shoe and keep it and Little Bo Peep from the clutches of the evil Barnaby. When that fails, they trick Barnaby into marrying Stanley Dum instead of Bo Peep. Enraged, Barnaby unleashes the bogeymen from their caverns to destroy Toyland. Blackhawk ex-library print with lines and splices... missing the beginning ... starts about 5 minutes in, so the print is short. Great sound and quality, though. On 2 1600' reels. 100.00 80.00

Charley Chase 2 reelers

Calling All Doctors 1937
Charley Chase 2 reeler also with Lucille Lund who you might remember from Universal's horror classic The Black Cat. This is the second of 2 Chase comedies directed by Charles Lamont. Charley plays a hypochondriac and germaphobe who's convinced that he is a very sick man. His wife and co-workers, tiring of his antics, come up with a scheme to convince him that he is actually sick. As the story plays out, a wacky sanitarium escapee appears and pretends to be a doctor, confusing both Charley and his conspirators! Lamont would later become the director of Abbott & Costello features. This is a nice Official Films print is as good as 'original' with the lightest of wear 85.00 75.00 -on hold-

The Chases of Pimple Street 1934
2 reeler Charley Chase, Betty Mack, Ruthelma Stevens, Gertrude Astor, Wilfred Lucas, Arthur Housman, Hattie McDaniel, Harry Bernard, May Wallace, Eddie Baker, Kay Hughes, Margaret Nearing, Harry Bowen, James C. Morton, Eddie Borden, Jack Hill, Charlie Hall and John Binns.
Charlie's new marriage is being undermined by his sister-in-law and her little dog, Fifi. Celeste has no job, dominates the bathroom, and overall, is a buzz-killer. Charley will end up getting this girl entangled with an important business client and almost loose his job over an evening involving at a night club involving triangulation, liquor, balloons, an engagement ring and a mustard plaster! I hate selling any of these Chase comedies, but this one is for sale. An original Film Classics print with maybe 10 splices throughout- most at the start. The main title is a little short, but complete at the end. And there is a little vinegar to this- not severe or greasy or warped. 65.00 55.00

other shorts, television and comedies

Billboard Girl 1932
Bing Crosby appears as himself in this early sound 2 reel comedy with 3 musical numbers from Mack Sennett Studio. Marjorie Kane, Dick Stewart, Jimmy Eagles, Lincoln Stedman and George Pearce appear in this college comedy as meddling friends causing Bing trouble when he falls in love with the picture of a young college co-ed featured on a billboard. The songs are “Were You Sincere” “Pop Goes The Weasel” and “For You” I think Festival Films and Niles both used to list this in their catalog... years ago. This looks a little dupey, but its complete and in great shape. Nice print and with decent sound of a rare early sound comedy. 125.00 95.00

Date with the Angels starring Betty White
1200' Episode 26 "Santa's Helper" December 13, 1957 This perfect ABC network original print of the series' only Christmas Story is exactly how the show was presented that night with all titles and Plymouth commercials. Betty White as Vickie Angel and Bill Williams as Gus Angel, Nancy Kulp, Richard Deacon, "Burt" Mustin as Santa's helper. and Tom Kennedy, announcer and pitchman for Plymouth. The department store manager is a real 'Scrooge' who spends time shoo-ing kids away from the big American Flyer train layout in the store's "Santa Land." Between Burt Mustin's Santa Claus being a little too generous and a lost little girl, his heart will be melted. Other american toys are featured... Mattel music boxes, a Popeye guitar, Cox model airplanes....The commericals feature Plymouth's big give-away of $500 per month for life called The Money Ahead Contest as well as Plymouth's clean beauty, custom car luxury look and the torsion air suspension. 225.00

Pete Smith Specialty: Surfboard Rhythm 1947
A black and white print "From a 16mm Original" it says on the print. Pete Smith Specialty starts with bathing beauties and then gets in to the surfing with cameras in the water and mounted to the boards. Great shape 1 reeler. 45.00 35.00

Pete Smith Specialty: Historical Oddities 1955
An entertaining series of odd facts from history illustrated and narrated by... weeellllll... I bet you can guess. OK, you got it.... Pete Smith 40.00 30.00

When a Man's a Prince
(1926) Ben Turpin, the most handsome man in movies (except for Shemp Howard) - In 1947 Grand International Pictures bought a bunch of Mack Sennet silent films and made them up into short comedies with sound to enhance them. The first of these was this 13 minute comedy in the "Americana Comedy Film Classic Series." I love this film and you will, too. 55.00 45.00

Fast and Foolish
1951 RKO 2 reel comedy An original print with light wear. Gil Lamb on skates, then he races a '50's motorcycle. 55.00 45.00

NBC Sportsman's Holiday hosted by Curt Gowdy brought to you by General Electric -2 episodes - no commercials, so about 400' each great shape black and white original prints
1964 "Hunting in the Hills of Tennessee" Birds, Bears, Hounds and Boars... 25.00 20.00
1965 "Wild Geese" Canada Geese filmed in slow motion... 25.00 20.00

The American Sportsman
ABC original network kinescope of the TV show from March 20, 1966 -reel 1 of 2, the first half of the hour long show- intro and 2 complete hunting adventures, then fades to black: Sand Grouse in Kenya, then Mountain Goats and a Big Horn Ram in British Columbia. about 1000' in good shape. 25.00 20.00

Movie TV Spots Reel
About 200' of short black and white TV spots for Movies:
There's No Business Like Show Business, Marilyn Monroe in 7 Year Itch and Bus Stop, The Ice Capades, Goliath starring Steve Reeves, House of Usher starring Vincent Price, Terry Moore and Debra Paget in Why Must I Die?, Horrors of the Black Museum in "Hypno-Vista", Beyond the Time Barrier. Ends with some footage of an old Hollywood Premiere. 15.00


Fire Phantom
1966 300' Superman Cartoon clipped from an episode of Super Friends by Hanna Barbera. This has a line running down the right side throughout. Color is a little off- but not gone. 17.50 15.00

Canine Casanova 1949
Pluto is Casanova who falls in love with a dachshund named Dinah. He tries to woo her. An original black and white print -possibly clipped from an episode of the Mouse Club. Complete with light lines here and there. 22.50 20.00

Popeye the Sailor Cartoons
The following complete, Agfacolor prints may vary on amount of fading... some aren't too bad. They are generally clean prints with no scratches or lines and are terrific to present. Read each description- there are some differences.

Spinach Packin' Popeye
1944 War era cartoon in great shape, but the color is somewhat reddish on this... still has a way to go. Popeye loses his boxing match to Brutus and Olive is upset. Popeye reminds her of his prowise by retelling some of his greatest adventures. This is a 'flashback' episode with clips from"Sinbad the Sailor" and "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves." A lite line on the left for a while, couple of splices, but really a nice, complete print. 35.00 30.00

Her Honor the Mare
AAP original from 1943 with a bit of wear from TV syndication. The color is only good- a bit 'warm.' This is one of the war-era Popeyes with references to that era... When the nephews hoist the horse to the 2nd floor, her rear end is disguised to look like Hitler. 35.00 30.00

Double Cross Country Race
1951 It's Popeye vs Count Noah Count in the cross-country race to end all cross-country races! But how can Popeye's broken-down jalopy ever win out against Noah's souped-up convertible? Original AAP print on Agfa, but the color is faded. 30.00 25.00

Happy Birthdaze
1943 Popeye is reading his V-mail, but Shorty doesn't get any. Popeye tries to include Shorty, to help him feel better, he takes him to Olive's where she is organizing a birthday party for Popeye. Things don't go very well, which is good, because if they went well, it wouldn't be a Popeye cartoon.. Great shape on this war era black and white Popeye 35.00 30.00

Me Feelins is Hurt
1940 Fleischer Popeye black and white cartoon in a NEAR PERFECT television syndication print with the original ship-door titles. Popeye is on his tug when he gets a "Dear John" letter from Olive. She's hot for cowboys, so Popeye drops anchor in the wild west where he meets.... well, you can about guess it from there. 45.00 40.00

Quiet Pleez 1941 Fleischer Popeye black and white cartoon in a NEAR PERFECT television syndication print with the original ship door titles. Pappy's hangover drives Popeye crazy. He has to silence the city so Pappy can sleep. You need spinach to do that! very cute cartoon made before Popeye got drafted. -50.00 45.00

The Hungry Goat
1943 black and white War-era cartoon- Popeye battles a tin (and steel) eating goat who threatens to undermine the scrap metal drive by eating all the metals! He nearly destroys the destroyer. This cartoon also has references to projecting and the theater, but has strained sprocket holes throughout. Can you use it? a piece of WW2 americana for 25.00 20.00

Pest Pilot
1941 Popeye has a small airport. Pappy comes along and wants to be a pilot, but Pappy is too old. Pappy, dejected, leaves, but manages to start one of the planes parked outside and causes havoc. Pappy go berserk and flies around the earth. His imminent crash is announced, and Popeye rushes to the site. This is a Dave Fleischer Popeye from during the war in a great black and white AAP print. The only flaw to mention is a splice in the middle. 50.00 45.00


Post War TeleNews:
Roll of TeleNews from the 1940's - 50's

Telenews was a syndicated newsreel service that Hearst created to compete with network TV news. Some had sound while others, especially foreign news, were silent. These were sent to subscriber stations. A script was provided for the local station news reader. Telenews became obsolete and faded away, as did the commercial newsreel companies. This roll includes Paul Hoffman and the European Recovery Program, Harold Stassen wins in Wisconsin, Dr John Maxwell is the Vegetarian Candidate for President and eats salad, Greecian children are taken for "Red Indoctrination," an election in Java, Mexico's president on production reforms, The "Reading Pencil" is invented to aid the blind and is demonstrated, The Vienna Ice Show and a Charlie Chaplin impersonator on ice, Good Friday in Jerusalem with armed Arab guards, Kansas City's Easter Pagent, The New York City Easter Parade, The Children's Aid Society Egg Hunt, Cherry Blossoms in time for Easter in Washington, a longer sequence of tossing pickles off a skyscrper. Closest to the barrel wins the Flying Pickle Award, Footage of GOP speeches at the Hilton in Chicago ahead of the 1956 campaign. A letter from Eisenhower is read. About 700' on a core as found. 30.00 25.00

sponsored shorts, travel and assorted 'rarities'

Fun and Pictures in the Southern Highlands 1972
1000' Eastman Kodak Company Sponsored Travel Subject about a "Paradise for you and your camera" Features vacation destinations in Tennesee, Virginia and the Carolinas, some now gone. North Carolina's Beech Mountain and the Land of Oz, Boone and the Tweetsie Railroad, Outdoor Theater presentation of "Horn in the West", Mildred the Bear and her cubs, Blue Ridge Mountains, Swinging Bridge, Grandfather Mountain, Old Salem, Cherokee Arts and Crafts, The Eagle Dance, "Unto These Hills" production, Maggie Valley, Ghost Town in the Sky, Frontier Land, Amusement Park on the top of a mountain, Pigeon Forge, Iron Mountain, The Gold Mine Railroad, Fontana Lake and the incredible TVA dam, Lookout Mountain at Chatanooga, Rock City, Ruby Falls... and more. Clean, fully excellent condition travelogue with that famous Kodak faded color. 65.00 55.00

Untitled Kodak Travel clip Hawaii 1960's faded color good condition sponsored tour of Hawaii with stress on cinematography. Fills a 600' reel to the edge. 15.00 10.00

Trek to the Tetons 1965
Eastman Kodak Company production featuring Outboard Marine Boats, Johnson Motors and Chevrolet Cars in this tonge in cheek camera camera study of the
effects of modern conservation practices on big game conducted by two eastern wild life photographers and a Wyoming guide. Includes scenes of elk migration,
buffalo stampedes, moose, and wapiti. Faded color and great shape. 65.00 55.00

From Our Hands to Yours -very 1970's-
Simplicity Patterns film about itself, from design to draping, testing, master pattern, manufacture, promotion and marketing, to home and schools. Interesting film in
excellent shape, faded color 800' 45.00 35.00

Your Chance to Live: Pollution
A low fade print from the early 70's of an interesting, if not mellodramatic cinematic treatment warning about the environment. Early shots of an abandoned amusement park, etc, intergut with garbage, mining, etc., urban density... make it seem like 'end of times.' By Defence Civil Preparedness Agency. 400' 20.00 15.00

Prelude to Taps
1964 400' "Army Forces Military Report" - Drilling and pagentry on the parade grounds with the US Army Band and full military review. honor of those present and those have gone on before... The Fife and Drum Corp. ...almost a history of uniforms. Then, guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetary. Some wear to this faded color print. 17.50 15.00

A Trip to the Moon
1962 600' Encyclopedia Brittanica about 600' Excellent shape print. EB's animated fantasy about what a trip to the moon would look like. "Imaginary rocket ship" is used to predict the lunar expedition, EB says maybe someone will some day actually make a trip to the moon. This is one of the best EB films. Only 8 years before the actual accomplishment and really helps put the event in perspective. Written to spur interest in the idea of exploring off the planet. Original print. 75.00 55.00

Lot of 8 400' 1950's Coronet Science Educationals in their original Coronet cans
Its a mixed bag of conditions, but all vintage Coronets from the 1950's... I have these 8: Energy and its Forms, How Weather is Forecast, Arthropods: Insects and their Relatives, The Earth: Its Atmosphere, The Earth: Changes on its Surface, Fish and their Characteristics, Simple Machines: The Lever (1/2 reel), Simple Machines: Pullys (1/2 reel). $10 each or take them all for 70.00 60.00

A Zoo Grows in Brooklyn
400' A fabulous Technicolor print of a short film shot at the zoo some 40 years ago. It mostly deals with the employees that feed and tend to the animals. Made by Rob Barber. 40.00 35.00

The Visionaries
Early 70's 1200' film by Dick Young in NYC for US Information Agency, a now defunct "public diplomacy" agency of the State Department. Good shape, faded color portrait of 5 innovators and their inventions. Arthur Schawlow lectures at Stanford as he demonstrates his laser beam and the incredible possibilites of its invention. Jim Hall in Midland Texas and his Chaparral series of innovative cars: the 2, 2F and 2J with a wing added are featured. Then, he drives the vacuum car on a test track. William Lear flies himself to work in a helicoptor. His backlog of inventions including the 8 track and Lear Jet are mentioned but we see him working in the shop with his employees. A clean vapor turbine car project that costs about $15 million and the first test drive. Then, at home with Mrs Lear and her needlepoint... hey! That's Peter Paul Rubens hanging over the couch. Dr Carter Collins and "sensory substitution" transforming the characteristics of one sensory modality into stimuli of another sensory modality... giving help to the blind, deaf and even a way for touch without that ability. Finally, Robert Moog visits the synthetic music studio of Walter Carlos and another using the early modular synthesizer that bears his name. He is working on alternative input devices for his synthesizers, like drums and violins. We see Chris Swanson composing on a MiniMoog while Bob takes his kids sledding. Great film... 75.00 65.00

A Breath of Air
1967 800' Pitched to secondary schools and colleges, this film tries to convince youth to decide not to smoke cigarettes. Tobacco companies have glamorized smoking and their parents are addicted.. Their health and their lives are at stake.1964 presidential commission declares smoking is linked to cancer. This was made available to schools by the American Cancer Society. great shape, faded color 35.00 30.00

Smoking Past and Present
1968 600' A middle school lesson on the history of smoking. A clever film that does give a fair history of smoking, but portends an undercurrent of anti-smoking sentiment which comes, primarily, from the children. When it gets to the science, there is a frightening animation of what smoking does to the lungs. American Cancer Society distributed this... produced by Wexler Films, L.A. 35.00 30.00

Arizona and its Natural Resources
1st 400' -ends abruptly. As above, another Bureau of Mines film, this produced by "Phelps Dodge Corporation" good condition, but faded color starts with the indiginous people, conquistadores... and goes to the modern era with a tour of the dams of the Federal Reclamation Project which brought farming to the deserts. Very well made - more like a travelog. 15.00 12.50

Pennsylvania and Its Natural Resources 1972
U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Mines made with Atlantic Richfield
"Pollution-conscious Americans don't have many kind words for mines and mills, but this film should do something to temper them" was the description from the
catalog on this government made propaganda film from the 70's. Literary and historic sites are included in this travelogue that features the scenic beauties of the
state. Runs about 800' on a 1200' reel. Good shape, bit faded. 25.00 20.00

Pheasant Fever
400' 1946 black and white Lawley and Lord production A terrific early hunting short in New England with the ring neck pheasants. A man, a fall day, his 28 gauge and 2 perfect pointers take a very productive 'walk in the woods'. This print shows its age here and there... but so do I. No advertising and a really excellently made film. 35.00 25.00

Coho Calling
c.1970 1200' Half-hour TV Sports Special sponsored by the Falstaff Brewing Company. Follow Tom McNally, expert angler, as he takes his friends on a tour of the Coho 'Silver' Salmon fishing opportunities on Lake Michigan. They also troll the Platt River and visit the hatchery. There is an interview with the director of the Conservation Department. Salmon fishing and beer drinking? This won't appeal to many. ;-} There is a Falstaff commercial at the end. Light wear and faded color. 55.00 45.00

The Lure of Labrador
c. 1970 1200' Half-hour TV Sports Special sponsered by the Falstaff Brewing Company. Pete Zura, Bill Culleton and Leon Chandler go on a Canadian Lake fishing adventure in Labrador Quebec. As above, another Falstaff sponsored show with wear and faded color... ad at the end (and throughout, in a sense) 55.00 45.00

Fishing in the Midwest
1960's 1200' black and white - a beautifully made show featuring the 'experts 5 best midwest fishing places' with wonderful images of vinatge boats sporting Mercury Outboard Motors. Muskies in Hayword Wisconcin, Walleye in
Lake Winnibigoshish Minnesota, Portage Creek in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan, Cumberland Tennessee and Norfork Arkansas - lake and river. Great example of the sponsered film. lines come and go throughtout 65.00 55.00

Golden Harbor, Vancouver, Canada
400' b&w sound -light lines on this old original print of an unusual fishing feature. Looks like it could be pre-war era. Replaced main title is "Where in the World?" and also "The End" but mainly complete... clams, mussels, crabs... rays... 25.00 20.00

Wonder Dogs in Action
This is the classic Castle 400' hunting film in a sound print... clean. 15.00 12.50

The High Jump
From the Track and Field Instruction Series from Yale made by Ryan Films, features coach Frank Ryan and members of the Yale Track and Field Team demonstrating how to accomplish the high jump. 400' Great shape, faded color.. looks like early 60's. 20.00 15.00

Flying Targets
1600' 60's or 70's Remington Arms sponsored sports film on skeet shooting. Runs about 45 minutes. Some light lines, faded color. 55.00 45.00

The Great Italian Lesson
500' good shape, but faded color film where a Bronx accountant takes a cruise ship trip and "becomes Italian." Nice tour of the ship and the activities you would expect on a liner. The Italian Line gave up passenger service in 2001. 20.00 15.00

The Fisherman's Boy
1955 Coronet Langauge Arts film. This is a very worn and repaired black and white print in its original Coronet can. 12.50 10.00

Film, the Art of the Impossible
1972 documentary designed to generate interest in the art of the motion picture. Discusses the art of film directing and presents excerpts from a number of famous films in order to illustrate its point. A good, used print on faded color stock. 1200' 30.00 25.00

The Making of a Live TV Show
1972 Charles Braverman's television documentary following director Bob Finkel as he plans and runs the 23rd Annual Emmy Awards 1971 live show. 1200' Pyramid Films print on faded color film. 1200' 30.00 25.00

Episode 32 of "The Bible Answers" late 50's or early 60's
This is a low fade color print of a pre-1963 half-hour episode. (It does not specify a zip code for the mailing) The reel has a tape marked DAWN 32. (Dawn Bible Students Association) It is a bible discussion primarily between 3 theologians on the nature of God and how He would have us worship intercut with actors portraying Timothy and Paul in discussions... then Moses giving a prophesy at the end. There are also cutaway sequences of Japan, Thailand, Congo and Guatemala depicting Idolism, Shintoism, Buddhism, Ritualism, etc. Great print from early TV, but it just starts with no main titles. IB Technicolor. 1200' 35.00 25.00

San Jaun Sports Fitness School
A document of a fitness program in California in which doctors are scienficially screening boys for fitness and statistically determining what at sport their body is best suited. Its the 60's and this is "America's Space Age way to determine fitness." 400' low fade Eastman Reversal. 20.00 15.00

Heros and Cowards
A digested production of the Columbia Pictures 1965 film "Lord Jim" starring Peter O'Toole, James Mason ,Curd Jürgens and Eli Wallach. Made by Learning Corporation for students to view and discuss the issues raised in Joseph Conrad's story. 1200' on faded color stock. 30.00 25.00

Original print of reel 5 from Bedroom, Parlor and Bath starring Buster Keaton in a great 1931 talkie. Great quality and condition, but only a little more than reel 5... if you can use it... 12.00 10.00

200' Popeye cartoon
negative in sound 6.00

Shadow of the Eagle
chapter 1 of this John Wayne Mascot serial... sound a out of sync... 7.50

35mm trailer for The Man with One Red Shoe starring Tom Hanks.. Used theatrical trailer- looks excellent with great color. no core, just rolled 10.00

Naked Couple Arguing
Its a 12 minute clip from an unknown 70's film. The girl is naked at the very start of the clip, anyway. The sound is out-of-sync... but the color is pretty good. 5.00

Theatrical Magic Lantern Slide for Tim McCoy in "War Paint"
Theatrical Magic Lantern Slide for Tim McCoy in "War Paint" - 1926 Big MGM western directed by W S VanDyke. 3 1/4" x 4" -nice shape as shown... 45.00 35.00

35mm mag stripe for use as leader 800+feet for 10.00

Magnasync Movieola RewindersMagnasync Movieola Rewinders

Magnasync Movieola Rewinders
Here's a really nice used pair of professional grade film winders for 35mm or 16mm (also works for R8) up to 2000' reels with 15" stems. These have the u-joint, so you can either make a place for them to rest at the end or weld the joint to keep them straight. Set screw in the top for tension. Bolt these to your film table and you can preview, inspect, rewind and clean your films forever. They aren't going to wear out. 200.00 175.00 150.00 for the pair.

Replacement ground glass screen for Zeiss Ikon Moviscop viewer 45.00 35.00
Also have the rest of the oprics from a salvage Moviscop. Contact me with your needs.

Mansfield Rewind Editor Outfit
for the home user R8 only. Model 950 in a bright blue enamel. No splicer, but very sytlish. 30.00 25.00

Griswald cast iron 35mm splicer
Model R2 -sweet piece of cinema history... plus it still works as a splicer. 45.00 40.00

Early Bing Magic Lantern with 35mm crank transport -missing the back and reel holders. Needs to be rewired. Will clean up to be a real show piece. 75.00 65.00

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