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single reels

"7 More Wonders of the World" Sleeves:

1939/40 hand lettered gold foil label reels -dark blue card stock-

1940/41 hand lettered buff and blue stock with blue ring in dark blue sleeve -all very good shape-

Buff, hand lettered blue backs, no blue ring

1941-44 Buff, hand lettered reels

hand lettered, white reels -early 40's style reel and early 40's sleeve:

hand lettered, white reels mid 40's style and earlier sleeve:

hand lettered reels in mid 40's sleeves:

regular printed titles:

Demonstration (free with viewer) Reels

Religious Reels

3 reel sets and packs

WDPX contains 990-A, B and C Wonders of the Deep -complete, flap has a tear- 8.00

WDPX -I have 2 more sets with folders, but no pack- 6.50 each set

Russia Today SAW 1957 I, II, III in partial mailer pack, with booklet 9.00

164-A,B,C Cypress Gardens, Florida mailer pack-small damage on rear SAW 9.00

166-A,B,C Marine Studios Marineland of Florida SAW 1955 small stain and torn flap on mailer pack back 12.00

172-A,B,C Parrot Jungle Miami, Florida USA SAW 1955 -reels and booklet only- 12.00

420-A,B,C Your United Nations SAW 1955 -reels and booklet only- 12.00

A-004 Banff National Park Alberta, Canada SAW packet is torn 10.00

A-171 Yosemite SAW excellent envelope, no booklet, bumpy reels 7.50

A-174 Sequoia and King Canyon SAW 1960's excellent envelope, reels 1 and 2 are bumpy, no booklet 5.00

A-191 Trees of Mystery -Redwood Highway 101, California GAF -VG, but the back of pack has come completely off. -otherwise complete- 8.00

A-236 Knott's Berry Farm and Ghost Town Buena Park, California -set B- SAW nice, crisp set- reels are like new, but small bubbling on 2 of them -no booklet- 10.00

A-296 Glacier National Park Montana SAW nice envelope in shrink wrap, no booklet, no inside envelope 8.00

A-325 Mesa Verde National Park CO SAW nice envelope in partial shrink wrap, no booklet... name on inside envelope- 10.00

A-376 Carlsbad Caverns National Park New Mexico -Ex envelope, no folder, bubbled reels 6.50

A-486 Black Hills of South Dakota SAW late 60's VG, complete 10.50

A-656 Niagara Falls Museum and Cave of the Winds New York, Canadian Side and Maid of the Mist 1958 reels only 7.50

A-793 The White House, Washington D.C. SAW -no reels- 2.50

A-846 Mammoth Cave National Park SAW 1960's excellent pack, no booklet, bumpy reels 5.00

A-876 Lookout Mountain SAW 1960's excellent envelope, no booklet reels 1 and 3 are bumpy 6.50

A-961 Beautiful Cypress Gardens, Florida SAW EX 8.00

A-961 Beautiful Cypress Gardens, Florida SAW VG envelope, some bubbling 7.00

B-001 Mexico SAW 1950's nice, complete, but tape stains to package front, bumps on reels 6.00

B-151 Sweden SAW 1950's partial Mailer Pack, bumpy reels and booklet 5.00

B-224 Modern Israel SAW little bubbling on reel2, otherwise EX 7.00

B-226 The Holy Land Israel and Jordan SAW little bubbling on reel3, otherwise complete and EX 7.00

B-235 India SAW 1952 excellent complete, but bumpy reels 7.00

B-251 Hong Kong SAW 1960's extra nice, complete, but bumpy reels 6.00

B-301 Fairy Tale Set: Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk SAW 1950 FT-1, FT-2, and FT-3 with storybook -complete and very good- 8.00

B-318 Walt Disney's Cinderella -tear on back-missing reel 2 SAW 6.00

B-400 Walt Disney's Bambi GAF -no pack, reels and booklet only- 5.50

B-4721 Lassie and Timmy "Runaway Mule" reel only -bubbled- SAW 4.00

B-474 Lassie and Timmy -no pack -no book SAW 8.00

B-520 Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm GAF VG but pack split and flap gone 6.00

B-527 Popeye's Fun GAF -poor pack- GAF 4.00

B-528 Mickey Mouse SAW G -taped pack-8.00

B-536 Wonderful World of Peanuts-needs booklet and reels 2 &3 GAF 3.00

B-544 Snoopy and the Red Baron GAF VG with pack split down sides and flap missing 8.00

B-552 Hair Bear Bunch GAF -reels only- 5.00

B-760 World's Fair Brussels 1958 reels only 18.00

J-25 Walt Disney presents Return from Witch Mountain GAF -detached, taped flap- reel A only 4.00

Worlds Fair Set

EQUIPMENT and accessories:

I love 3-D : Looking for Sculptoscope, and these motion systems: Kinora, Mutoscope Viewers, reels and parts.

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