The Easy Travel-Worldwide Holidays Ring Homepage

Adopted June 26, 2004

Welcome, this is the homepage of The Easy Travel-Worldwide Holidays Ring. This webring is devoted to websites dealing with traveling, including personal travelogues, photo sites, and commercial sites. There are a few of rules for sites in this ring. But they are not too difficult.

  1. Your site must contain original content pertaining to traveling. Trip reports, hotel or restaurant reviews, places to go and things to see are all kosher. Lists of links to other people's site is not. Commercial sites are welcome.
  2. No sites promoting erotica, hate, prejudice, or anything else not suitable for a general audience. This is a family friendly ring.
  3. The navigation code must be either placed on the content page or a Webrings/link page with a link to the content. Pass_L is a valid result, but only if the submitted URL is a content page and has a prominent link to the page with the navbar. This means that when someone enters your site via the main page, there must be some way to reach the webring.
  4. You may use either the SSBN or the HTML code for your site. If you do use the HTML code you must keep it updated. If you do not make necessary changes, your site will be suspended.

See, nothing to it. In order to join the Webring, you just have to do the following steps:

  1. Have a Webring ID
  2. Be logged in to Webring.
  3. Send your site in so I can look it over.

You will be sent an email automatically after submitting your site that will tell you how to add the code to your page. After I check your site to be sure it meets the rules above, it will be activated and you will start getting visitors from the webring. Remember, once your site is active you can ask to have it featured on the ring hub page for just a few cents a day.

In order to keep your site active in the Webring, please do the following.

  • Make sure your code always has a PASS or PASS_L status.
  • Keep your Membership Information up to date. This means your email must be valid. If I can't contact you, I will not keep your site on the ring.

Here are a few places to go for help if you need it.

  • &rea's WebRing User Guide is a great place to find out information for both Members and Managers.
  • James S. Huggins' page on the System also has some great tips for using and making it do what you want.
  • You can also email me.
  • If you have not joined any webrings before and you are not sure the procedure, or you want more information, you can join My First Webring. It is geared toward helping beginners learn how to do things. When you are comfortable with how to do things, you can always come back and join us on this ring.

You can learn about helping the Webring system keep going at the Community page.

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You are visitor to this page. I hope you enjoyed it.

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