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Welcome to my home page. My name is Tom B. and I will be putting links to everything I find interesting on the Web on these pages. I have varied interests, so I have tried to sort things out. If you are really curious, personal information can be looked at by following this link.

I am finally doing some redesigning on the personal side of my site. I want clean things up a little and get rid of some dead links. I have no idea how long it will take, but then again, I don't think there is a huge hurry. I will keep track of my updates here on the What's New Page. (Last updated 4/4/04)

  • My primary Interest is reading. I enjoy a variety of reading materials and I do it every chance I get, including during lunch and break at work.

  • Books Around The World I have started selling books from this site in association with Amazon.Com. I will putting up a selection of books by authors I enjoy and respect. For now things are rather small, and you can reach the bookstore from either my Reading page or through here.

  • Comic Books are something I enjoy reading a great deal. I mainly enjoy super heroes, although I do pick up the occasional alternative.

  • I also enjoy gaming, including Role playing, wargaming, and computer games.

  • Working second shift means that I don't watch much television unless I plan ahead. So I try and pick out the better shows to tape for watching. And during reruns I end up renting videos quite often. Sometimes these are background noise while I read or do things on my computer. Other times they are something I really want to watch.

  • I have gotten to spend some time traveling. Here are some details. And I have added some more pictures from earlier trips.

  • Here are some links to my music interests. Not all of them are popular but I enjoy them.

  • This page is full of miscellaneous links. It includes information and links to my Webrings, some places with interesting things to read, and some links just for fun.

  • That seems to cover most things. But I am sure I will find more to add as I have time.

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