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Here are a variety of links to what I consider good music. Most of the artists here only have a few albums, but that does not mean I dislike their other work. It is entirely possible I just have not purchased everything they have done. But if I have put it here, it means I have bought it, listened to it, and liked it enough to recommend it. I will occasionally be giving a small review of some albums, as the mood takes me. As I add things you can find out what they are by looking at my What's New page. (Last updated March 22, 2004.)

I will list the Artist and the types of music he/she is known for. If you don't see anything interesting on the pages below, you can check out this page with a wide variety of links.

I am only responsible for the listings and reviews here on this website. If you want any help or information about any shipping or payments, you can follow these links to Amazon.Com® where they will handle things. And if you have any comments about the reviews, you can contact me.

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