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Miscellaneous Links

Here are a few of the things I presently find interesting or neat. They don't seem to fit very well on any of the other pages I have here.


Webrings are a way of linking a large numer of websites with similar topics. There are several different services available, the largest and oldest being at I only have memberships at Webring, but Ringsurf also has quite a few rings on a large variety of topics.

General Information

  • - Go here to sign up and look through the large number of webrings available.
  • RingSurf - free webring hosting, management, and directory service
  • WebRing User's Guide - For members of webring, this is a distillation of almost all the information you will need to do what you want and have fun doing it.
  • World of Webrings - Help and information about webrings. A more general site, with forums and information devoted to all webring services.
  • James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door: Webring Pages - A large amount of information on all of the webring services, plus a variety of tips and tricks webring users can use. And a large number of rings to join that James manages.

My Webrings

Here are the rings that I either manage or am a member of. Feel free to follow some of the rings and see what they are like.

Software Links

  • DaveCentral is the place to go if you want to find out about programs on the net. An incredible amount of information, nicely organized and easy to use, on shareware, freeware, and demos that are available on the Web. Including links to the home sites, reviews, and downloads. I don't know how Dave can keep up this site and still have a life.

  • VERSIONS is for anyone that uses a computer program. It is a free service that keeps track of when a new version of a program comes out. You look through their list of 41,000 programs (nicely broken down by type and manufacturer) and pick out which ones you want to be kept informed of. Then you just leave your email address and wait. A very nice service. Check it out.

  • Doug Berry's home page! A neat design and layout, with the bonus of some very useful software on his tools page. Well worth a visit. No updates in quite a while, but still some good information.

  • The Compression page on Dave's Site is a good place to check out the latest information on archive programs. Dave does comparisons on the various compression programs available on the web and provides links where you can download the latest versions. And don't be afraid of checking out the rest of his site. A lot of interesting and humourous stuff there.

  • If you want to get away from the Microsoft Monolith, check out Eudora for email. All the features are available in sponsored mode if you can't afford to pay up front, and the ads are unobtrusive and occasionally useful.

  • Getright Download Manager does just that, integrates with IE, Netscape, and has an Opera plugin available, and has the ability to pick up interrupted downloads. Add in the ability to schedule download starting times, automatically close your connection, and even shut off your computer when it is done, and you have a very nice piece of software. And it also has a sponsored mode if you want to save money.

Things to Read

  • This Is True by Randy Cassingham is dedicated to the truly bizarre in the news. You can sign up for a free mailing list or a larger one with more stories on it. A fun addition to your mailbox every week or so. And worth the money for upgrading to the Premium edition. There is a sample story to the right.

  • If you are wondering about the truth of some of the stories floating around the Internet here is a great site to check them out. The Urban Legends Archive is easy to use and contains the truth about some of the more common stories that get spread both online and off line. You can also check out The Urban Legends Reference Pages. In fact, you should check one or both of these sites if you hear a story that is hard to believe. Especially one you get in email.

  • James Randi has made quite a name for himself as a debunker of psychic abilities. His page not only tells you all about his philosophies, it also gives you a chance to win over $1,000,000. You have to check that out. But do not expect to win.

  • Want to see how stupid some people can be? Check out the Official Darwin Awards to see.

  • And here you have a site trying to keep people from making it to the Darwin site. The Straight Dope: Home Page has articles and a message board, both worth spending time on. The Straight Dope Home Page

Fun Stuff

Old pages

These are some pages that I have stopped trying to keep updated. Too many things to do, not enough time to do them.

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