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Television Interests and Links

anitmated TV As you might guess from my preference for SF reading materials, I also enjoy several SF television shows. Here are a few links I have found to the ones I enjoy.

  • I have enjoyed all of the Star Trek series, even Voyager. But my favorite so far was definitely Deep Space 9. Things look interesting for the 3rd season of Enterprise. Some good possibilities for stories.

  • I started watching Smallville during the second season. Good characterization, interesting plots, and some surprises in most episodes.

  • I made the mistake of not seeing the Highlander movie until it was out on video. Then I found the TV series. It was definitely a must see every week.

  • I was late picking up Babylon 5, mostly due to an inability to find it. The best site I have found for B5 information is The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5. Up to date with lots of information, and well designed.

  • Strange Luck lived up to its name. At times it was very strange. But it was also very good. I was very disappointed that it was not renewed. The Unofficial Strange Luck Home Page * has some nice things about the show. Definitely worth checking out.

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