Lucas County (Ohio) Sheriff Department Codes

10-Codes                                        Other Codes
10-4  OK                                        10  Officer needs help
10-5  Prisoner to jail                          17  Bomb threat
10-6  Location                                  21  Shooting
10-7  Out of service                            23  DOA
10-8  In service                                98  Warrant
10-9  Report to jail - emergency                 A  Arrest made
10-12 Report to jail - no emergency              B  Report taken
                                                 C  Citation issued
                                                 D  Warning given
                                                 E  Assistance given
                                                 F  Not a police matter
                                                 G  Cannot locate
                                                 H  Gone on arrival
                                                 I  Cancelled
                                                 J  Officer needs assistance
                                                 K  Known but not wanted
                                                 L  Record is clear
                                                 M  Has driving record