The Northwest Ohio Scanner Directory


The Ottawa County Scanning Reference

by Randall Schlievert

The following serves as the most complete (to my knowledge) scanning reference for Ottawa County, OH. This information has been gained by years of personal monitoring. Many references, including "Police Call" and Daryll Symington's local directory contain license information that is "correct", but the local systems have shifted many of their uses and frequencies. In this reference, the frequencies will be listed first, along with their uses. Talk-groups will be given next (as complete as possible).

The Ottawa County Sheriff uses an EDACS system that is also used by the majority of village fire, police, and local government agencies. The system is 5 channel.

For those with Trunktracker II's or Pro 92, 94's, the frequencies must be entered in LCN order, which I have done below.

854.2125 Ottawa County EDACS system

855.5375 Ottawa County EDACS system

856.0875 Ottawa County EDACS system

852.5125 Ottawa County EDACS system

853.1125 Ottawa County EDACS system

154.100 This is the fire paging frequency used to dispatch all the fire departments in the county except for the following: Mid-County (Oak Harbor), Erie township, Carroll and Portage township fire departments.

453.350 Oak Harbor and Carroll Township Police

453.050 Used as a maintenance channel for the county and Allen and Harris townships. Allen township also uses this channel for snowplows.

151.100 Used by county maintenance and county snowplows.

156.075 County Maint.

159.060 County Maint.

453.150 Used sometimes as a lifeflight interlink channel.

454.600 Dispatch for Mid-county, Erie, and Portage township, and Rocky Ridge fire depts. Also used as their main channel and a channel for Port Clinton Fire.

460.525 Channel 3/Tac Channel for Mid-county, Erie, and Portage Township fire.

462.125 Licensed for Oak Harbor Board of Ed., but mainly used by the police as a tac channel.

154.025 Clay Township local government.

153.770 Carroll township local government.

155.100 County Maint. And plows.


155.610 Port Clinton Police main channel. They also use the EDACS system for tac purposes.

159.030 Port Clinton PD: rarely used.

155.340 HEAR channel used by Allen Township to communicate with St. Charles.

158.835 Put-In-Bay Police

You will find additional frequencies listed in many sources, but in four years of listening, I have never heard those frequencies used.

Talkgroup ID's:
The following is a list of talkgroups that I've deciphered. I apologize for any errors. Some are still unknown.

04-121: Used as sheriff's dispatch/main channel, as well as dispatch for local PD's such Genoa, Elmore

04-122: Sherrif's Tac

04-041: Genoa PD Tac

04-101: Port Clinton PD Tac

04-030: Danbury PD Tac

04-061: Sheriff and Oak Harbor PD interlink

02-021: West Dispatch (Fire)

02-046: Port Clinton Fire Tac

06-024: Board of MRDD

02-026: Genoa Fire

02-031: Harris-Elmore Fire

02-271: Catawba Island Township Fire

04-032: Genoa PD Tac

06-061: Davis-Besse

02-063: Marblehead Fire

02-122: Marblehead Fire

04-026: Elmore PD Tac

02-024: Allen Township Fire

02-023: Genoa FD Tac

04-021: East Dispatch (Fire)

04-031: Marblehead PD Tac

02-111: Marblehead FD

04-042: Genoa PD Tac

02-154: LA-4

02-126: Lifeflight

There are many more unknown talkgroups and some may be added. If using a Pro-92, keep the banks in the "open" mode.

Unit ID's:
The following is a list of unit numbers for the local police and fire departments.

62-xx units: Sheriff units

83-xx units: Genoa PD

77-xx units: Elmore Police

84-xx units: Clay Township PD

78-xx units: Rocky Ridge Police

85-xx units: Clay-Center PD

86-xx units: Dog Warden

71-xx units: Oak Harbor PD

200-x units: Carroll Township

41-xx units are for Danbury Township PD

51-xx units are for Catawba Island Township PD

64-xx units are ofr Lakeside/Marblehead PD

Fire Departments:

100 series: Allen Township

200 series: atawba Island Township Fire

300 series: Genoa

400 series: Harris-Elmore Fire and EMS

500 series: Marblehead Fire

600 series: Port Clinton Fire and EMS

700 series: Rocky Ridge

800 series: Bay Township Fire

900 series: Clay-Center Fire

1100 series: Lakeside Fire

1200 series: Erie Township Fire

1500 series: Put-In-Bay Fire & EMS

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