C. Dale Brittain Bibliography, the first seven paperbacks published by Baen, the eighth published by the Wooster Book Company, the other paperbacks independently published. All paperbacks are available through Amazon and most through B&N; the ebooks are available on Amazon, B&N-Nook, Kobo, and iTunes.


A Bad Spell in Yurt, ISBN 0-671-72075-9. Cover by Tom Kidd. First printing, August 1991; second printing, February 1993; third printing, May 1995. Kindle edition, March 2011. Audio version, July 2013. Trade paperback, October 2016. Hardcover April 2021.

The Wood Nymph and the Cranky Saint, ISBN 0-671-72156-9. Cover by Dean Morrissey. First printing, February 1993. Kindle edition, March 2011. Audio version, November 2013.

Mage Quest, ISBN 0-671-72169-0. Cover by Laurence Schwinger. First printing, May 1993. Kindle edition April 2011. Audio version, August 2014.

Voima, ISBN 0-671-87637-6. Cover by Gary Ruddell. First printing, January 1995. Kindle edition [under title Shadow of the Wanderers], May 2011. Trade paperback November 2018. ISBN 1-72963913-9.

The Witch and the Cathedral, ISBN 0-671-87661-9. Cover by Newel Convers and Courtney Skinner. First printing, April 1995. Kindle edition, May 2011. Audio version, November 2015.

Daughter of Magic, ISBN 0-671-87720-8. Cover by Darrell K. Sweet. First printing, May 1996. Kindle edition, June 2011. Audio version, January 2017.

Count Scar (with Robert A. Bouchard), ISBN 0-671-87801-8. Cover by Darrell K. Sweet. First printing, September 1997. Kindle edition, June 2011.

Is This Apocalypse Necessary? ISBN 1-888683-06-6. Cover by Matthias Grünewald. First printing, September 2000. Kindle edition, January 2014.

My First Kingdom [omnibus]. ISBN 1-548307793. Cover by Cortney Skinner. Ebook edition, April 2013. First paperback printing, December 2017.

The Lost Girls and the Kobold [novella, ebook format only]. Cover by R. L. Sather. November 2013. Audio version, September 2018.

Below the Wizards' Tower [novella, ebook format only]. Cover by Viergacht. September, 2014.

Contested Christmas [essay]. Cover by C. Dale Brittain. Ebook edition, September, 2014. First paperback printing September 2018. ISBN 1-72746690X.

The Starlight Raven, ISBN 1-515211509. Cover by EbookLaunch. Ebook edition, April 2015. First paperback printing, September 2015.

A Long Way 'Til November [novella, ebook format only]. Cover by R.L. Sather. September, 2015.

Third Time's a Charm [omnibus], ISBN 1-52344892X. Cover by Jan-Michael Barlow. Ebook edition, November, 2015. First paperback printing, February, 2016.

The Sign of the Rose. ISBN 1-537411644. Cover by woofie_2015. Ebook edition, August 2016. First paperback printing, September 2016.

An Autumn Haunting. ISBN 1-545295069. Cover by EBookLaunch. Ebook edition, April 2017. First paperback printing, May 2017.

Ashes of Heaven. ISBN 1-544922663. Cover by Saphira. Ebook edition, April 2017. First paperback printing May 2017.

Positively Medieval: Life and Society in the Middle Ages. ISBN 1-719584593 Cover by C. Dale Brittain. Ebook edition, April 2018. First paperback printing June 2018.

The Witch and Her Daughter [omnibus]. ISBN 1-72784373-8. Cover by FrozenStar. Ebook edition, November 2018. First paperback printing October 2018.

Heretic Wind. Cover by C. Dale Brittain. Ebook edition, November 2019. First paperback printing March 2020. ISBN 979-8614159961.

Galoran and Melchior [omnibus]. ISBN 1-713293538. First paperback printing December 2019. Ebook edition April 2020.

How I Survived Junior High. ISBN 979-8644744558. Cover by R.L. Sather. First ebook and paperback editions May 2020.

Know Your Self Publishing. ISBN 979-8667626791. Cover by Brad. Ebook edition June 2020. First paperback printing July 2020.

The Sapphire Ring. ISBN 979-8721123284. Cover by EbookLaunch. First ebook and paperback editions April 2021.

The Knight of the Short Nose. ISBN 979-8528452661. Cover by R.L. Sather. First ebook and paperback editions August 2021.



The original Baen paperbacks from the 1990s are all out of print but are sometimes available used; the large-format paperbacks are all in print and available. All of the full length ebooks are between $3.99 and $5.99 each, except for Apocalypse, and Positively Medieval, which are $7.99, and the big omnibuses, which are $9.99. The novellas are $2.99 each as ebooks, as are Know Your Self Publishing and Contested Christmas. The audio versions of the Yurt books are $21.95 each, although.it is possible to get them cheaper through a trial membership with Audible. The trade paperbacks range in price, depending on size, from $7.99 (Contested Christmas) to $28.95 (My First Kingdom).