The Most Ancient Times

The Most Ancient Times

8000 BC - Archeological remains indicate that cannabis was one of the first crops to be cultivated by mankind.

6000 BC - Agricultural and hemp textile industries start simultaneously in Europe and Asia.

3727 BC - The world's first Medical Text, written by Shen Nung, describes cannabis as a 'superior herb'. It recorded its effects on malaria, female disorders, and many other illnesses.

1500 BC - Cannabis-smoking Scythians sweep through Europe and Asia

800 BC - Zoroastrians, Therapeutia, Coptics, Essenes and other African and Eurasian religions adopt cannabis

600 BC - The 'Zend-Avesta', a sacred book used by the ancient people of India, spoke of hemp's 'intoxicating resin'.

500 BC - Gautama Buddha survives by eating cannabis

100 BC - Chinese paper made with cannabis and mulberry

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