The Current Era

The Current Era

70 AD - Dioscorides, Emperor Nero's surgeon, praises cannabis for making 'the stoutest cords' and for its medical properties.

400 - Cannabis cultivated for the first time in Britain at Old Buckeham Mere.

500 - First botanical drawing of cannabis appears in Constantinopolitanus (Later Constantinople)

600 - Germans, Franks, Vikings and others make paper from hemp

800 - Mohammed allows cannabis, but forbids alcohol use.

1000 - 'Hempe' first listed in an English dictionary.

1000 - Moslems produce hashish for medical and social use.

1150 - Moslems use hemp to start Europe's first paper mill. Most paper made in the next 800 years is made from hemp.

1492 - Hemp sails, caulking and rigging ignite the Age of Discovery and enable Columbus and his ships to reach America.

1494 - Hemp paper making starts in England.

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