Circle Hike of Mount St. Helens

September 1997

A blueberry patch on a southern slope of Mt. St. Helens

Trail Description:

This most interesting trail circles Mount St. Helens, allowing you to experience the effects the 1980 eruption had on the mountain and the surrounding area. It is a challenging hike across rock fields, canyons of every size, many dry washes and gullies, and chunky lava flows. Most of this trail is at or above timberline. There is no water at the trail heads and water availability on the trail is limited.

A chunky lava flow

Trail Facts:

The 750 feet climb up Castle Ridge

Trail: Loowit Trail #216

Trail Segments:

Butte Camp Trail #238A to Ptarmigan Trail #216A segment

Ptarmigan Trail #216A to June Lake Trail #216B segment

June Lake Trail #216B to Ape Canyon Trail #234 segment

Ape Canyon Trail #234 to Windy Trail #216E

Windy Trail #216E to Castle Ridge Trail #216G Segment

Castle Ridge Trail #216G Segment to Sheep Canyon Trail #240

Sheep Canyon Trail #240 to Butte Camp #238A Segment

Looking down on the mile-wide lahar from the Loowit Trail


Loowit Trail #216 Side Trails:

June Lake Trail #216B to June Lake

Loowit Falls Trail to Loowit Falls

Ape Canyon Trail #234 to Ape Canyon

Abraham Trail #216D and Truman Trail #207 to Windy Ridge Trail head Forest Road 99

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