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Who can take adult driving instruction?
Anyone who is eighteen (18) years or older can register for adult driving instruction.

Coming in 2017 new rules for anyone 18 or older if they fail their driving test first time.

What does the program involve?
Each program is designed to meet the needs of each participant. The instructor will be able to make a preliminary assessment after talking with the individual. The instructional needs of the participant will then be outlined after one session in the car and/or classroom. The adult student decides on how much instruction he/she wants.

When is instruction scheduled?
Adult instruction is scheduled to accommodate busy schedules.

How can a person register for the program?
Call the KDS office and make an appointment to meet with a representative. Car insurance and a temporary permit are necessary. Classroom time will be required if a person needs help preparing for the temporary permit.

The fee for this program is fifty dollars ($50.00) an hour. Free home pick-up service is available within the KDS service area with a two hour minimum. Home pick-up for those outside the KDS service area will cost twenty-five ($25.00) dollars.

Is there a test to pass?
Adults do not have to pass any test administered by Key Driving School. An individual's program is completed when the participant feels he/she is ready to take a driving test given by a state examiner.


15 mph in all alleys within a municipal corporation.

20 mph when passing a school building or grounds during school recess and while children are going to or leaving school.

25 mph in all other portions of a municipal corporation, except on state routes, through highways outside business districts and alleys.

35 mph on all state routes and through highways (except controlled -access highways within municipal corporations outside business districts).


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Check out the weather before you travel in your car.



50 mph on controlled-access highways and expressways within municipal corporations.

50 mph on state routes within municipal corporations outside urban districts, unless a lower speed is established visibly on a sign.

55 mph at all times on freeways with paved shoulders inside municipal corporations.

70 &/or 65 mph on designated interstate highways outside of urban areas for vehicles weighing 8,000 pounds or less and commercial buses. (The population of an urban area is more than 50,000.)

55 mph (the maximum speed limit at all times) for vehicles weighing more that 8,000 pounds and non-commercial buses.

55 mph (the maximum speed limit) on all other highways.



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