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Our Customers Write:
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Pointing Labrador Retriever, field dog, hunting dog, bird dog
Curt:   Here is a photo of Taylor, a great Pointing lab pup purchased in the summer of 2011.   She is a great hunter and family dog.   Chuck and Emily--January, 2012
german shorthair pointer, field dog, hunting dog, bird dog
Curt:   I can't express enough, how fine a dog you have produced. This is Copper. he just spent a week hunting just outside of Council Bluffs Iowa. His 3rd trip out there since he was a pup, and he was incredible. Great points, very obedient, no need for a collar, just a bell, and right on his game. He is a great hunter, honors other dogs points, and is exceptional at finding and retrieving a dead bird. He is a great family dog as well. He goes along well with my kids and wife. 6 miles a day running with her. The only thing we haven't been able  to do is train him how to clear the table, and put the supper plates into the dishwasher.  A family may have several dogs over a lifetime, and one will stand out as the favorite. I believe that he will be that one. Thank you, I will be contacting you for my next dog.   JJ  December, 2011
labrador retriever, field dog, hunting dog, bird dog
Here is a photo of Kizmet, our black Labrador
puppy from Diesel X Annie litter.  Lots of style for an 8 month old puppy.  She won her 1st Pass for Jr. Hunter this past weekend.  We're really proud.  Hope to finish her in the spring. Thanks for your great Labrador retrievers.  S.M.
chocolate labrador, labrador retriever chocolate labrador, labrador retriever
chocolate labrador, labrador retriever
Here are several photos of Chase.  He is now slightly over seven months old and a very handsome chocolate labrador.  Recently he was on his first pheasant hunt.  He pointed every bird and held the point until the flush.  He retrieved every bird to hand and was simply awesome!  Chase is working at a level I could have hoped for as an adult.  He is extremely intelligent and will be the best dog I have ever owned.   Thank you for a very fine dog and welcome addition to our house.    Bill R. (Michigan)
labrador retriever, field dog, hunting dog, bird dog

Here is a photo of an excellent hunt.   Thanks for your great Labrador retrievers.  Mark/Charlie.  (Ohio)
pointing labrador retriever, yellow labrador, hunting dogGreat Pointing Labrador Retriever puppy I bought from your kennel.  She locks up real good on grouse scent at 8 weeks.  Full of mischief too.  She tore out most of the flowers my wife planted.   W should have named her "Round-Up" instead of Daisy.   Lamont M.  (Pennsylvania)
pointing labrador retriever, yellow labrador, hunting dog
Here is a photo of Daisy, our yellow labrador, pointing a grouse wing at 6 1/2 weeks old.  It must be in her blood!!  
Lamont M.  (Pennsylvania)
I hunted Katy, our labrador retriever, on Saturday on 4 pheasants.  She points like no tomorrow....and holds it!  I only hope you can continue to breed field dogs like Katy.  She is perfect.  She hunts so well at 11 months what will I think at 2-3 years?  I did start her off with a 50 foot check cord which she did get used to but then I let her go after the first bird.  She stayed close most of the time and even came to "heel" when I called her.  We had a hard time finding the last bird, in fact we passed by it at least twice.  There was not much wind at all but Katy hunted relentlessly and she found the bird. One time she was running straight away like she knew why and where she was going and on a dime she stopped.  I commanded "whoa" and she held the point until I gave her the "OK" command.  She put the bird up and I put the bird down.  What a beautiful sight!!  This is only her third "upland" hunt with birds and she uses her nose like we use our eyes.  I also believe she knows how to use the wind to her advantage.  What else can I say?   Ray J.
A HUGE THANK YOU!  I cannot tell you how happy we are to have Jazzy, a Smoke x Annie, Labrador Retriever puppy, as part of our family.   Not only is she absolutely beautiful but what an outstanding personality!  You did a great job choosing our puppy for us.  I am so glad that you and I spoke as often as we did prior to you shipping her.  I thank you for your time and discussion of our life style and the type of disposition and body frame we wanted. 

Jazzy's hunting instincts are unbelievable.  My husband joined a hunt club this season and took her out expecting a beginner
puppy level performance and she astounded him and the other hunters with her instincts and response to him.   She sees him get his gun and just goes nuts with excitement.  It's really fun to watch.  We can't imagine not having Jazzy.  She is just a wonderful all around dog and a great addition to our family.  Kristen C (New Jersey)
pointing labrador retriever, yellow labrador, hunting dogpointing labrador retriever, yellow labrador, hunting dog
Gunner and I hunt upland game.   Here are a couple of pictures.  He is very steady on point and marks well.  He takes hand signals well and is really a good pointing labrador retriever.  Robert B. (Pennsylvania)

pointing labrador retriever, yellow labrador, hunting dog
My son, Jake, and our yellow labrador are inseparable.  Jake's favorite movie is "Old Yeller."  He thinks our dog is a movie star.  Also, I would like some work on our dog's hand signals.  Let me know if you have any openings this summer.  Thanks.  Jason H.  

I am enjoying my pointing labrador retriever. I worked him hard this summer and he has unlimited possibilities. He points great, and has great marking ability on retrieves. Definitely the easiest dog I have trained. ... He is also gorgeous. Never gotten so many compliments on a dogs looks. He is about 70 lbs. already and very lean and muscular. Everyone that sees him falls in love.  I love my dog and thank you.   Dan K.  (North Dakota)
I am very pleased with my labrador retriever puppy. He has a really nice laid-back personality and reminds me of my very first lab, who not only got me into dogs but also hunting. He is always carrying something in his mouth and loves to retrieve bumpers. This is the kind of puppy I was looking for.   Thanks for the great puppy.  Erik P.  (Virginia)
The labrador retriever puppy came in fine. She is fitting in well with the family. I am surprised on how well she is doing after that long flight today, its like nothing happened. she looks great.  Michael M.  (California)
Hay-Lee, our pointing labrador retriever, is doing great. She goes almost everywhere with me. I have been working her on some pigeons and a pheasant for a few weeks. So far she has found and pointed every bird I have put out for her. I took her dove hunting last week and she started to retrieve the doves for me.  I can't believe how well she is doing.   At 5 months old she is so great.   Michael M.  (California)
Gunner, our pointing labrador retriever, is doing very well. He is my buddy and comes to call better than any I've seen. He points well and likes being in the water & retrieving ducks. He has turned a dark yellow/red and is exactly the dog I was looking to get and the color & size you predicted he would be.   Bob B.  (Pennsylvania)
Scout, our pointing labrador retriever,...is extremely bright and energetic. ...He is simply the most wonderful mannered dog and yet the makings of a great hunter are there as well.  He is tenacious after a scent and shows very strong pointing instincts....He has mastered all of his basic commands and we will begin more advanced training this spring and summer.

Furthermore, I get compliments (actually raves) whenever people see him. My vet, at his one year check-up, could not say enough to compliment what a beautiful dog he is. Between his color and his profile, I have a dog that is everything that I hoped he would be in a companion. This fall I am sure he will be everything I hoped for in a hunting partner as well.  Joe P.  (New York)
Lita, our pointing labrador retriever,...loves to retrieve and has pointed on several occasions. I am taking her pheasant hunting soon.  John S.  (New York)
Smokin' Tessie Ann, our pointing labrador retriever, is 7 months old now and is enrolled in a 90 day starting dog program. She held her first points.  Every one for 25 seconds OR until we went in and kicked up the bird. And of course she retrieved the bird after.  Dan S.   (Missouri)
Jazz, our pointing labrador retriever, is on her first extended hunting trip in Iowa and she is doing extremely well. She is pointing and retrieving like crazy. The first day out she pointed one bird and the past two days she has gotten 6 each day. She has retrieved them all except for one. My dad can't believe how well she is doing. He said that she is doing better than his Brittany and doing as well or better than the rest of the dogs that are there (mostly German shorthairs).  Jennifer S.  (Ohio)
The pointing labrador retriever puppy you sold me...I don't think I will ever be able to train her. (just kidding)....She is too much fun to kiss and hug on.  I can never tell her "no" for anything. And I hate to teach her to "sit" because she would much rather snuggle up on your lap.  I think maybe I should get another puppypy. One for training and one just for loving on.
How awesome !! You didn't tell me she would be so cuddly.   Buddy F.   (Missouri)
Curt, The pointing labrador retriever puppy we bought is doing great! While this is the third puppy we have purchased from
you we still had some reservations on this one. As you know he has some big shoes to fill with regards to the tragic loss of our male (Copper). The fact that he was the last
puppy left in your litter gave us some reservations on his quality. As you know last does not seem to mean best!! When you stated that you felt that he was worth the look we talked it over and the rest is history. He is absolutely fabulous, to be truthful he seem to be more natural than the previous two puppys. If anyone ever has any concerns about your word or the picking order please give them my number. I could not have picked a better puppy!!   Thanks again,   Mike R.  (Ohio)
Curt, The last female pointing labrador retriever puppy that I purchased is doing everything you said she would. She is a natural pointer as well as great with the kids. Her drive is simply amazing but she is so well behaved in the house it is unbelievable! My wife feels that these bigger dogs are much better with the kids and much better mannered.  They are extremely smart and the kids do get pretty rough with them at times. They simply can't get too much attention (no matter how rough it seems)! Her water drive is outstanding, if it falls it comes back to the blind, period!

Thank you for your training of my older female labrador retriever. The force fetching not only sired this problem but it has made her a much more obedient dog. While I may have left some things go too long this is one area that was well worth the money spent. I am very pleased with both dogs and can't wait to take you out hunting with them.   Thanks again, Brian L.   (Indiana)
Hi Curt,  Here is an update on Gunnar, our pointing labrador retriever. Let me just say that he is all the dog, that we could ever want. He puts up with my 2 year old son jumping on him and running into him with his tricycle. He is a real pleaser. However, in the field he is all business. With the arrival of my second son in August, I have spent less time training him than any of my other labs. However, in the 5 times I've had him out pheasant hunting I have bagged 5 ringnecks. When I got him, I told you that I have never hunted behind a pointing dog. Gunnar is teaching me. He was on point this morning and I came over and flushed a woodcock. He has held point on numerous pheasants. He is not retrieving birds yet, but with a little work I'm sure he will soon. He retrieves everything you throw in the yard. I must also point out that he works close. This is the first young lab that I've had that hasn't run out and put a bird up 100 yards in front of me. Thanks again for a wonderful dog.     Erik P. (Virginia)
Curt,  One year and three months after picking up "Little Annie", our pointing labrador retriever puppy, I can report that she has turned out to be everything we hoped for.  Annie is a friend that lives in our home.  She minds well and is fun to be with.  As a hunter, I spent many hours training with her.  She retrieved her first duck, a green winged teal, at the age of 13 weeks.  It wouldn't fit in her mouth, so she towed it by the wing back to me on the shore.  At 18 weeks, she helped me get a wild turkey.  During the winter of 2002, we hunted pheasant and chuckers on a preserve and she started to point and hold.  As a sideline, Annie will dive 8' into the deep end of my pool to retrieve a rubber torpedo.  It is quite a sight to see.  Your promise of a good dog is fulfilled!  Thank you very much.  H. Darling ( New York )








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