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Juvenile Remedial Course

Length: Six hours divided into 3 two hour sessions

Cost: $85.00

Schedule: Wednesdays, during office hours


Permit holders or probationary license holders accumulating two moving violations before age 18 will have their licenses suspended for 90 days. Three violations will result in a one year suspension. DUI or DWI individuals will have their permit or license suspended for 6 months. Permit holders and probationary license holders who are convicted of certain traffic related violations before the age of 18 will have their driving privileges suspended for one year.

A young driver who is found to be unruly by the court, among other sanctions, may have their permit or license suspended or revoked. 

How to Reinstate A License

These young people must do the following before being able to reinstate their permit or license

  • take the Juvenile Remedial Driver Course *
  • pay a reinstatement fee
  • purchase a new permit packet
  • retake the written test for permit
  • retake the driving test

* Written confirmation from the state or verification by phone from the Ohio Department of Public Safety allowing the person to take the course must be obtained.

Juvenile Driver Improvement Curriculum Course Content

I. Risk and Perceptual Awareness

  • Developing Teenage Collision Risk Awareness
  • Ohio Teenage Driver Collisions
  • Ohio Teenage Driver Risk Factors
  • Driver Risk Assessment
  • Driver Performance vs. Driver Behavior
  • Effective Decision-Making

II. Driver Behavior

  • Teenage Aggressive Driving Behaviors
  • Teenage Fatigue Factors
  • Teenage Substance Abuse

III. Collision Factors and Driver Assessment

  • Driver Actions
  • Vehicle Actions
  • Changing Behavior
  • Understanding Driver Responsibility

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